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11+ Clever Products That Are Good For The Environment Too

Guys, it feels amazing to save the planet. Getting rid of single-use plastic habits and making new, sustainable ones is so satisfying! And with the ever-expanding range of products available, it's stylish as heck, too.

Let's see some of the best options out there right now. Bye-bye, plastic! Hello, green solutions.

Obviously, swap out plastic straws for metal ones.

The Sustainability Project

Metal straws have come a long way. They come in all sizes and colors now, so you can pick the style that you like the best. I'm a ho for gold, so maybe I have a ton of gold straws in my kitchen. Maybe.

These bubble-tea friendly straws are available via The Sustainability Project!

Get rid of disposable freezer and sandwich bags.


There's tons of options for reusable kitchen bags. Whether you go the silicone route, or even a hardier, infinitely reusable plastic (it's not all bad!), the sky is the limit.

These silicone bags are available on Amazon.

Swap out all those Tupperware containers.


Let's be real: plastic containers are just not necessary. Instead, invest in some glass containers you can use over and over again. They're way more durable than the plastic ones, too!

These ones are available on Amazon.

Pick up a refillable oil mister.


How frickin' genius is this? Instead of buying aerosol cans, pick up your favorite olive oil and let this mister do all the work for you! Goodbye, disposable cans. Hello, cute mister.

Get it on Amazon.

Get yourself a new water bottle.


I mean, this one is a no-brainer. There are so many stylish bottles to pick from with water bottles. It'll honestly be hard to pick just one (which is why I never do, and why I have five water bottles).

Get one of the coveted S'well designs on their website.

And while you're at it, why not get a tumbler?


Reusable Starbucks tumblers low-key have a cult following. They are absolutely stunning and hold in cold (or warmth) like nothing else. You can get them in stainless steel or plastic, and in designs that are limited edition!

You don't have to get Starbucks ones, obviously. I'm just obsessed with them right now.

Try out compostable garbage bags.


I use these, and they're great! They have the same sturdiness of regular garbage bags, but carry none of that single use plastic guilt.

You can find these anywhere, including Walmart.

Use a reusable K-Cup container!


This is such an easy way to cut down on your carbon footprint. Keurig actually makes its own version of the reusable cup, so you can be sure it'll fit yours perfectly.

You can pick one up at Walmart.

Time to get a new toothbrush.

Zero Waste Club

There are a ton of options for more eco-friendly toothbrushes, which is a relief — more than a billion non-recyclable toothbrushes are thrown away each year.

Many companies have opted to make bamboo toothbrushes. You can grab this one at Zero Waste Club.

Replace parchment paper and other coatings with silicone mats.


Anyone who has used a silicone baking mat knows that it's a frickin' life saver. It replaces many different coatings you'd normally opt for, and it's infinitely reusable.

You can pick a set of 3 up on Amazon. (I have these, and they're great!)

Invest in some beeswax paper.


Beeswax wrap is about to become your new best friend. It can replace tons of different disposable plastic in your kitchen, from lids to bags. If you can dream it, Beeswax wrap can do it.

The cherry on top? The beeswax used is ethically sourced! #SaveTheBees. You can get yours on Amazon.

Bring your own produce bags to the store!

Earth Sider

Disposable plastic produce bags are just wasteful, you know? I feel bad every time I use them. So I started bringing my own produce bags, and wow do they make a huge difference!

Get your 12-piece set at Earth Sider.

Buy your spices and seasonings in bulk and store them in glass jars.


This cuts down on so much plastic container waste! Make your own labels for some glass jars and enjoy the fruits of your organizations labor.

Get your custom labels on Etsy!

BYOC (bring your own cutlery).


If you're out and about and eating somewhere that has disposable forks and knives, never fear: these absolutely gorgeous cutlery sets are here.

You can pick your set up on Amazon. I'd go for the rose gold, personally.

Here's another easy way to cut down on disposable plastic wrap.


These silicone lids can be used over bowls, pots, pans, even watermelons. They keep food fresh, and when you're done, just wash and reuse them!

Even those small plastic items add up.


There are so many small things made from plastic that we use in our everyday life. Think about your dental floss. That entire package is basically plastic! To cut down on your plastic, this company makes floss that comes in a glass vial.

"The small jar it comes in is awesome looking," said one five-star review.

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