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7+ Tweets From Parents That Sum Up How Social Distancing With Their Kids Is Going

Don't you find it funny how you always want things when you can't have it? That's what's going on with social distancing right now. Maybe we were never going to go to that birthday party we were invited to, but now we want to go more than ever!

Maybe some parents were looking forward to spending more time with their kids when school was still in session, but now it seems many are ready for a break.

'All Star' by Smash Mouth is not the anthem we want to hear, pretty much ever!

We don't need anymore chaos in our lives right now.

You thought working at home would be more productive, didn't you?

In a way, it's not really different from the usual office antics, is it?

Work-life balance? Don't know her.

Your coworkers are really going to be able to peer into a whole world you may have never wanted them to get acquainted with.

When it's day 15 of the quarantine and you really need some peace and quiet, but you don't want to give up your comfort for it.

This is pretty creative!

Everyone has their own coping mechanisms.

Note to self: stock up on Snickers, just because.

There's nothing quite like your family keeping your spirits lifted during this stressful and uncertain time!

How lovely.

I'm sure it's been enjoyable seeing your kids' creativity run wild.

This LEGO figure is like a Rorschach test. We all see something different!

I ask myself this question every day of my life.

Snacks is life.