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Woman Forgets To Turn Camera Off While Using Bathroom During Video Conference

Considering how quickly many of us have had to isolate ourselves from each other to slow the spread of coronavirus, it's only natural to encounter some hiccups in the process of shifting to work from home.

I'm lucky enough to have done so before it became necessary, but many are now finding themselves having to figure out how adaptable their makeshift work spaces are to their daily needs. And as they're discovering, that also means adopting a whole new approach to meetings and wrestling with the technologies that make them possible.

Most of the time, it's fairly smooth sailing once you get everything working, but the full video makes very clear that it's easy to forget yourself during the times when you'd least like to.

As the video starts, it becomes clear that a group of coworkers are discussing their firm's ethical standards.

YouTube | Heights International Talk

It's unclear what sort of business they do, but based on what one of them is saying, it's one of the only professions that absolutely forbids becoming involved with a former client no matter how long ago the working relationship ended.

With most of the staff involved in this conference sitting still, it's pretty easy to notice that one woman is in motion throughout the video.

YouTube | Heights International Talk

Unfortunately, this fact only highlights what she's up to once she puts her device down.

Although this was clearly an important meeting, this woman had other matters to attend to that simply couldn't wait.

YouTube | Heights International Talk

Unfortunately for her, the reason why we know this is because she left her camera pointed at herself while she started using the bathroom.

Although the speaker doesn't notice what's going on, it's clear that pretty much everyone else in the conference does.

YouTube | Heights International Talk

It only takes a few snickers before the woman realizes what's going on and leaves the call, but the damage has already been done by then.

Fortunately, whether they felt amusement or secondhand embarrassment, it seems her coworkers covered for her as one said "I saw nothing," while another told the speaker to ignore the chatter and keep talking.

Nonetheless, the clip somehow found its way onto the internet, where it struck a very relatable chord with a lot of people.

In some cases, it seems like they've already been preparing for this exact scenario. I wonder if they had that dream where they show up to school in their underwear one too many times?

And as another user pointed out, it's easier for this kind of thing to happen than it may seem.

In fact, this exact situation had almost happened to them because Zoom apparently isn't courteous enough to actually ask before using your camera and microphone.

From the sounds of things, I should definitely start appreciating it when programs keep me under wraps until I give my say-so.

So if you're finding yourself telecommuting, it might be good to remember this video.

Of course, it's also available for those who just want to see everyone's awkward reactions like a real-life episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.