Twitter Users Have Some Hilarious Complaints About Their New Furry Coworkers

As the world continues to lockdown against the coronavirus, many people are finding themselves stuck working from home without so much as a single coworker to gossip with during their lunch break.

And that can be a pretty tough adjustment. After all, we love to complain about people, especially our own coworkers.

One Twitter user recognized this intense need, and also recognized that most of us are now stuck at home with our pets. And they decided to create the greatest Twitter thread ever, dedicated to complaining about our new furry coworkers.

Hey, we gotta complain about someone, right?

User aubviouslynot recently posted a tweet addressing anyone who's either stuck working from home or is simply quarantined.

As they wrote, "For those of you working from home or are in quarantine, and who have pets, tell me what they have been doing most recently, but refer to them as your coworker."

And unsurprisingly, the people of Twitter loved this idea.

They loved it so much in fact that the original tweet quickly went viral.

Since it was posted on Sunday, it has amassed over 230,000 likes, more than 27,000 retweets, and hundreds of replies from people eager to share their stories of their own coworkers.

Here are just some of my personal favorites.

Poor hygiene.

This coworker clearly has terrible personal hygiene. Definitely something you should be bringing up to HR.

And perhaps someone should politely gift them some toilet paper in the next office Secret Santa exchange.

Poor sense of self.

You can't really show up to work looking your best every day. But that being said, I'm not exactly sure what was so shocking about their reflection that they had to vomit.

Might be something else going on here.

Proud of him.

Honestly, he earned it. Although in the words of Mr. Jim Halpert, I think this coworker is mistaken. He was actually just named "assistant to the manager."

Important distinction.

Always causing distractions.

This coworker doesn't want to get work done, and also doesn't want anyone else to get any work done, either. They're the office clown.

And they steal people's food from the break room.

That seems a little unproductive.

Look, I appreciate a good blanket nest as much as the next person. But we all need to remember that when we're at the office, playtime is over. Save all that nonsense for quittin' time, thanks.

Honestly? Same.

I'm not even going to criticize this coworker because we've all been there. Sometimes you just gotta unwind after seeing some pretty startling news.

Like the numbers on a scale.

There's one in every office.

You know what? There's just no talking to people like her. You're going to have to take this up with your HR department. That's the only way it's ever going to stop.

You can always expect this kind of behavior from women with that kind of pointy haircut.

That's just irresponsible.

We all like to have a good time. But don't be hitting the clubs if you know you need to be at work first thing in the morning.

Party, but party smart. You don't want to end up with your head in the toilet at the office.

I'm not sure which one I relate to more.

I, too, am unreasonably judgey and simultaneously needy. Perhaps I need to take a moment here for some self-reflection before I start criticizing these troublesome coworkers.