15+ People Who Managed To Find A Sliver Of Joy

Humanity is great at finding the positives in bleak times. As so many people hunker down indoors to try and help slow the spread of coronavirus, a lot of people are finding themselves progressive more bored with being stuck inside.

However, there are a few people who have managed to find ways to entertain themselves, from styling their boyfriend's hair into a different pop-culture figure each day to teaching their cat about gun safety, here are 15+ people who managed to find a sliver of joy!

"Hairstylist friend of mine is doing her boyfriend's hair each day they are quarantined!"


The person who posted this explained the hear-styles as such:

"So far we have Leia, Amy Winehouse, 90's prom, Cindy Lou Who, and George Washington."


Reddit | iujohn3

At least by the time this is over, you will be able to drink all of your friends under the table!

"Day 10 of quarantine. I think my kid is up to something."

Reddit | case2000

All hail Satan and his army of brightly-colored stuffed animals, they will rain down a rainbow of fury upon the world.

"And now for something non corona..."

Reddit | Kelly240361

Hands down the best kind of curry that there is on this Earth! Who else could have stolen everyone's hearts as Dr. Frank N. Furter.

"Making the best of quarantine."

Reddit | BeelzebubYeti

It is never too early or late to start educating your cat about the importance of gun safety. Especially as they'll likely end up knocking one off a cabinet one day anyway.

"Not even COVID-19 could stop my friend from cancelling his first trip to NYC."

Reddit | Whatdoievendoanymore

Even when in quarantine, you need to live the best life that you can! Without leaving the house that is...


Reddit | rastroboy

Well, if there is ever a time to be stuck with your leg in a cast, this is it. I mean, it's not like you're going to be going anywhere anyway!

"My US history teacher told us to go outside and build a historical figure in the snow. I present to you, Marie Antoinette."

Reddit | OrdinaryRedditor2

"Let them eat cake... which they bought for rationing during quarantining but have already finished and are now feel very ill."

"Self isolation boredom is kicking in."

Reddit | cnalxs

The Queen looks remarkably into it! He better enjoy himself, he'll be sent to the tower after this anyway.

Today's Horoscope.

Reddit | madlad612

Finally, an accurate horoscope! It's only taken an eternity for one to actually be right!

"My local bowling center is closed due to COVID-19. They are deep cleaning everything to pass the time."

Reddit | Solo_Wanderluster

Again, this is sound logic regardless of context. It's not just your hands you should be keeping clean at this time folks, everything should be spotless!

"My county is closed sorry."

Reddit | metamojo1112

Look, at least it's a very polite notice, so how could you argue with that? They even said please!

Stir Crazy

Reddit | 5150-crazy

Yes, it's gotten to the point where people are reading the labels of things around their houses. Well, at least this label has a sense of humor!

"This housewarming gift has proven super useful lately..."

Reddit | pgsengstock

Finally, a gnome that conveys how I feel on the inside. None of this happily fishing into ponds malarkey.

Stay Indoors!

Reddit | beespartan

Someone should really tell this dinosaur that social distancing applies to dinosaurs too!

"A local kale farmer dressed the part during an educational presentation."

Reddit | drak0bsidian

If you're going to give what I can only assume is a very dry presentation on farming, then you may as well spice it up where you can.

"This bush, in Lubbock TX, is prepared."

Reddit | arraia9

People are panicking about how many face masks there are, and this fella has one that would fit around five people in it at once! Although, that would go against social distancing.

"On my way home from work I saw the most 16 building ever."

Reddit | Suxez

This building is number 16 and extremely proud of it! Just try and tell it that it isn't the most 16 building around, just try!

"Quarantine day 9: Silvia is on a roll."

Reddit | buchanon12

I wonder if any of them has a "Tree of a kind"! Or if not maybe one might have a "Royal Cush"... it's plant-related leave me alone.

"My nephew had a social distancing 15th Birthday Party."

Reddit | PaulyPickles

You can also come away from this drive-through party with a toilet paper goody bag if you're lucky!

"Dipped this cookie in Nutella and gave it the news anchor haircut."

Reddit | VanquishAudio

I never really thought that there was one definitive news anchor haircut, but it's totally the vibe I'm getting. I feel like he's about to tell me about the stock market.

"Maybe I shouldn't have outsourced my kids' homeschooling."

Reddit | kmascasa

I can only imagine what their schedule is like. Hole Digging 101, Puppy Dog Eyes Fundamentals, and Treat Bartering.

"A direct message."

Reddit | Fleetingambition

I can appreciate this person a lot. They wanted something and asked for it directly, no beating around this bush. Or, driveway.

"An absolutely foolproof plan."

Reddit | 9thwonder17

I would be the rightful karmic justice. What doesn't convey anger and betrayal like thousands of bees?

"You can't squash or trap this bug."

Reddit | emi98338

This person is doing their civic duty by being scared for us. More time in our day to be delighted by their license plate choice.

"This time it's the cat finding joy, and me wishing I could do the same."

Reddit | Mr_Squires

This does bear a resemblance to my daily schedule except I stay home, I paid for my treats, and I eat way more than just 'some'.

"This user saw this sign a million times in their parents house and never bothered to read it until now."

Reddit | turtlerepo

I might take up cross-stitching just to recreate this.

"This user's entire account is for photoshopping animals into different things."

Reddit | animalsinthings

And I've never been more delighted. I didn't know I needed a sea lion banana in my life, but I do, and I think you do too.

"Trial, error, trial, error."

Reddit | 9thwonder17

Making people work for their information is a viable practice. Who needs store hours!

"Visibly debilitated and loving it!"


This person is just living their truth, even if their truth is endangering everyone around them.

"Fighting for Poster rights here and everywhere."

Reddit | winkysocks21

This is the kind of passion we need today. Bill Posters will walk free!

"If you can't beat 'em, disclaim 'em?"

Reddit | colacolabobola

Turning what would otherwise be considered a mess into a pretty sign, that also serves as a warning. You know what you're getting into with this visit.

"A girl asked her father if he could photoshop a picture of her to make it look better."

Reddit | MisterSpeck

It's safe to say he succeeded. He succeeded in the best way possible.

"Engagement photos from a blind man engaging to his girlfriend."

Reddit | DownwindDonkey

He thinks, at least. He hopes. I'm sure she got what he meant.

"The tiniest tugboat I ever did see."

Reddit | Tommy799

I'm confused by how cute I find this. It's a boat. Boats are not supposed to be cute. What's happening.