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Worship Your Dog With A Prayer Candle Customized With Their Face On It

Prayer candles, or votive candles, have sort of taken on pop cultural significance over the years. Traditionally, prayer candles are for doing just that: lighting a candle and praying to whatever symbol or saint is represented on the candle.

Now, celebrities are plastered all over them as a cheeky way to show how much we worship them, and if that's the case, then shouldn't our pets be on them too????

Thanks to Etsy seller LitFriends, your pets are turned into Saints to be worshipped.

Etsy | LitFriends

LitFriends makes customizable prayer candles that feature whoever you want, even your dogs.

Once you send in your picture of choice, LitFriends plops your dog's face right into the frame.

The candles are complete with a classic stained glass window design along with other Saint-ly symbols, like an Aureola and Sacred Heart.

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At the bottom of the candle is a label where you can display your dog's new holy name.

They run for $20 and would make great gifts for all the pet-owners in your life.

Etsy | Eliza H

Order your own here.

What would you ask your dog for? I would ask mine for all the cuddles!