Couple Leaves $9,400 Tip To Help Restaurant Staff Through Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created tough times for virtually everyone. But for those in the restaurant industry, the self-isolation directives create a unique problem. One heartwarming story out of Texas reminds us that we're all in this together — and that humanity can be pretty darn decent.

Business has dried up for Irma's Southwest.

Facebook | Irma's Southwest - Downtown by the Ballpark - Houston, Texas

A popular restaurant in downtown Houston, Irma's is usually hopping. But with orders to shelter in place, Irma's isn't seeing the same volume of business it's used to.

This should be their busy time.

Facebook | Irma's Southwest - Downtown by the Ballpark - Houston, Texas

The restaurant is located a stone's throw away from Minute Maid Park, the home of Major League Baseball's Houston Astros. MLB action was scheduled to start this week, but the season has been postponed.

With no games taking place, Irma's isn't getting its usual walk-up crowds.

The dining room is now closed.

Facebook | Irma's Southwest - Downtown by the Ballpark - Houston, Texas

Restaurants were recently ordered to restrict themselves to take-out business only. But on the last night of dine-in service, something incredible happened: a pair of generous diners gave management a big tip.

It was a *really* big tip.

We're not talking about a couple that left 25% instead of 20%. No, this was more along the lines of what a generous benefactor might provide.

Here's the receipt.

Good Morning America

The big tippers, who wish to remain anonymous, tipped Irma's a whopping $9,400. The receipt included a note stating the tip was designed to pay the restaurant staff over these next few uncertain weeks.

The owners were shocked.

Good Morning America

"Our staff was truly amazed and in awe of the gesture," owner Louis Galvin told Good Morning America. "It was so unexpected and I know it will be a big help for our employees."

They'll divvy it up fairly.

Good Morning America

Galvin says he'll split the $9,400 evenly between the restaurant's 30 employees. This amounts to $300 each, which should provide a good amount of groceries for each staffer.

It's a great story.

Facebook | Irma's Southwest - Downtown by the Ballpark - Houston, Texas

On one side of the coin, this pandemic has introduced toilet paper hoarders. But on the other side, we see astounding generosity like this.

Let us know what you think of this story — and how you're doing during self-isolation — in the comments!

h/t: Good Morning America