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Artist Uses Dirty Vehicle As A Canvas To Make Realistic Murals

Isn't it amazing that some artists can create incredible masterpieces out of ordinary objects or unusual mediums? I think that's truly special. But, I gotta admit, when I stumbled upon the work of this artist I was even more blown away.

Moscow-based artist and illustrator Nikita Golubev creates amazing works of art out of the dirt on parked cars in his neighborhood. I'm totally serious here. Check it out.

Nikita lives right in the heart of Moscow and has experimented with a variety of different mediums to make his art such as painting, sketches, and digital arts.

He's a master of all arts!

But it's his art that he creates using the dirt on parked cars that is making him go viral.

Get a load of this. Isn't it amazing? Wow, so cool!

Even though this artist may not be surrounded by a lot of natural landscapes living in a city like Moscow, it doesn't stop his imagination one bit.

This design is beautiful!

It turns out that Moscow has a lot of dirty cars, and what better canvas than a huge truck like this to make your art on?

Huh? What a great idea.

Nikita came up with a plan to use the layers of dust and dirt to create spectacular images on the surface, thus transforming dirty cars into gorgeous works of art.

This looks so real!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, it's the most unique idea I have heard in awhile.

Who would have thought this would be something anyone could do? Not me.

I wish I could see the look on the face of whoever owns this van when they showed up and noticed this masterpiece work on the back.

I bet they were pretty surprised!

It's almost a shame when the rain comes and washes away all this hard work.

I would be absolutely gutted to see this gone. I can't get over this owl.

I guess this is Nikita's way of bringing a little bit more beauty to the otherwise dark and stark look of his city.

I bet people really appreciate it.

How would you react if you saw this painted on your car?

Would you love it or get annoyed with it? I know how some people get about their cars.

I think it's absolutely amazing that this guy takes ordinary things like dirty cars and transforms them into beautiful works of art.

I definitely appreciate what he does. Do you?