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10+ Weird Celebrity Memorabilia That Was Sold

I personally can't relate — but believe it or not, there are plenty of superfans out there who are willing to fork up big bucks to get their hands on bizarre celeb memorabilia, like hair and used pregnancy tests.

Some people just have way too much time and money on their hands, I guess...

Look, I'm not here to judge (okay, yes I am) — if you feel like it's worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a kleenex that a celebrity used, more power to you.

It's your money.

But I can't help but wonder WHY anyone would actually want to do something like that.

But my current theory is: we want to do everything we can to be as close as possible to the celebs we love.

So without further ado, here are some of the most bizarre pieces of celeb memorabilia ever sold!


Seriously, it gets really weird, so be prepared for some awkward feelings.

1. Scarlett Johansson's dirty tissue

Back in 2008, Scarlett Johansson apparently caught a cold from Samuel L. Jackson, and sold one of her used tissues, signed, for $5,300.

She donated her earnings to USA Harvest.

2. Justin Timberlake's leftovers

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In 2000, at the height of his NSYNC stardom, Justin Timberlake's breakfast leftovers were auctioned off to a 19-year-old fan in New York for $1,025.

The money was, fortunately, donated to one of JT's favorite charities!

3. Michael Jackson's burnt hair

Remember when Michael Jackson's hair caught fire in 1984 while filming a Pepsi commercial?

Well, instead of properly disposing of the burnt hair like a normal person, the commercial's producer actually kept the hair for 25 years before selling it for $1600.

4. Jerry Seinfeld's oven mitt

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If you've ever watched Seinfeld, then it's possible you've spotted the oven mitt hanging from Jerry's refrigerator.

Interestingly, this item had its own Facebook page, and was eventually auctioned off for $10,000.

5. William Shatner's kidney stone

Okay, this is gross.

William Shatner sold his kidney stone for $25,000 at a casino.

Thankfully, he donated the money to a charity called Habitat For Humanity, so, as weird as the transaction was, I guess it was worth it!

6. James Blunt's sister

Not only is this a true story, but the man who ended up winning the bidding war, actually went on to become Blunt's sister's husband.

You're probably confused, so here's the entire story so you can make sense of the situation.

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"I came back to the flat where my sister was staying and she was crying because she couldn’t get to a funeral in Ireland."

"The planes were on strike, the ferry was out of season, and there were no trains.”

Instagram | @jamesblunt

"I ended up whacking it on eBay: ‘Damsel in distress seeks knight in shining armor! Desperate to get to a funeral in southern Ireland, please help!’ The bids flooded in and the guy who won had a helicopter."

"He flew her to the funeral."

"That was three years ago. This summer they’re getting married. That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever sold on eBay – my sister."

7. Willie Nelson's braids

Back in the '80s, country music legend Willie Nelson chopped off his signature braids and gave them to his friend, Waylon Jennings.

Upon Waylon's passing, his wife sold Willie's locks to an anonymous bidder for $37,000.

8. Marilyn Monroe's x-rays

A chest X-ray taken of Marilyn Monroe when she was 28 years old was dug up and auctioned off for $45,000, as well as her medical records for $25,600.

9. Queen Elizabeth's underwear

In 1968, The Queen accidentally left her underwear on a private plane, and 44 years later, they were sold on eBay for $18,000.

10. Air that Brad Pitt and Angelina breathed

Yes, you read that right.

Somebody paid $523 for a container of air because it was advertised to be air that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were in the presence of.

Somebody literally paid $523 for nothing.

Stay in school, kids. I can't stress that enough.

11. David Bowie's hair

Considering the fact that he was one of the biggest legends of our time, it makes sense that he has tons of fans.

Including one fan, who paid over $18,000 for a lock of his hair.

12. Gary Coleman's sweatpants

The sweatpants were during his time with Gap Kids.

The eventual winner was Jimmy Kimmel, who paid $500 for the pants. So it's not just us normal people who want celeb's old clothes.

13. John Lennon's tooth

In the '60s, John Lennon gifted his own tooth to his housekeeper, suggesting that she give it to her daughter as Beatles souvenir.

That same tooth was sold at auction for $31,200 to a Canadian dentist.

14. Joan Rivers' silver dog bowl

Sometimes fans want more than just what the celeb owned. They want what their pets had.

Joan Rivers' pup used a silver dog bowl, and it was bought for almost $14,000 at an auction.

15. J.K Rowling's chair

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The very chair that J.K Rowling claims she wrote the first Harry Potter book in was auctioned off to a crazed fan for $394,000.

16. Britney Spears' used pregnancy test

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This one is not only gross, but alarmingly creepy.

Britney made the mistake of taking a pregnancy test in a hotel room, which was removed from the garbage can by a staff member and sold to a radio station in Ottawa.

17. Justin Bieber's hair

A small signed container of Justin Bieber's locks was sold on eBay for a whopping $40,668, which was donated to an animal charity.