Artist Makes Beautiful 3D Embroidery Portraits With Designs That Mimic Real Hair

Modern embroidery has come a long way. It's no longer your grandma's art. Nowadays artists are coming up with many unique and special creations.

The same can be said of Bernita Broderie, a brilliant French artist who has really taken embroidery to a new level. She creates amazing 3D hair embroidery that truly resembles natural human hair. You really need to see it to fully appreciate it.

What makes Bernita's work so special is the way she masterfully stitches colored yarns into cotton fabric to render realistic, flowing hair.

Etsy | BernitaBroderie

And looking at this, the result is pretty amazing.

Her work mainly focuses on the silhouettes of women with long hair, chic braids, or beautiful updos.

Etsy | BernitaBroderie

This work definitely must take a lot of patience to do.

Bernita has been interested in embroidery for quite some time now but she only started creating her hairpieces about a year ago.

Wow, that's hard to believe!

It is apparent to me that she has since then fallen in love with this art form and she continues to perfect her craft so masterfully.

Etsy | BernitaBroderie

Isn't it beautiful?

I honestly can't get over the amount of detail that goes into creating one of Bernita's works.

Etsy | BernitaBroderie

I never knew embroidery can be this amazingly stunning and gorgeous.

She even creates custom pieces.

Etsy | BernitaBroderie

This is one of them she did for a client on Etsy. Needless to say, her client was blown away by what she received.

Bernita loves to work with various fabrics, needles, and threads.

Coming up with new creations is what actually keeps her up at night sometimes. I can definitely see why.

She even creates custom wedding embroidery pieces such as this one.

Etsy | BernitaBroderie

Wouldn't it be the sweetest thing to have as a keepsake from your special day? I think so.

Bernita's stunning works of art also include textile strands for the garments that are in the silhouettes.

Etsy | BernitaBroderie

She also occasionally includes various flower accessories for the hair.

But, of course, the realistic look of the hair is what makes these pieces truly unique and special.

It's what makes them sell really well and bring in new customers.

I'm constantly blown away by the sheer talent of some artists out there.

I had no idea people can do amazing things like these with embroidery. This is really magnificent.