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101-Year-Old Has To Cancel Birthday Party For Coronavirus So Twitter Chimes In

Unfortunately it's a necessity, but the COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for countless cancellations, from major sporting events to awards ceremonies to weddings and vacations. Having to distance ourselves from each other has been an unprecedented disruption.

But that's what has to happen to battle the pandemic.

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For a man named Owen, coronavirus social distancing caused him to miss a big milestone.

As United Nations representative Mohamad Safa shared on Twitter, Owen had to cancel his party to celebrate his 101st birthday.

However, holding up a sign, Owen made a request from Twitter folks: to get 101,000 likes and comments instead.

Safa himself has just shy of 80,000 followers, so it would take some help.

But people were so touched by Owen's request that they made him reach his goal not just by his March 31st birthday, but in less than 48 hours.

Well wishes have poured in from around the globe.

Of the more than 101,000 comments and likes, more than 12,000 came in the form of comments wishing Owen a happy birthday, many from far-flung places and others celebrating their own milestones.

It seems safe to say that this will be a much happier birthday for Owen than it was looking like it would be.

There's been no word from Owen or Mohamad just yet about Owen's goal being so thoroughly achieved. Maybe they're just seeing how high they can push the total!