Mom Documents Reality Of Giving Birth To Quadruplets With Before And After Photos

All pregnancies are different and unique. No two soon-to-be mommas go through the exact same experiences. While many expecting mommas do share some experiences in common, it's always amazing when women share their unique journeys online for the world to see.

Being pregnant with multiples can be a lot for some women.

Unsplash | Jens Johnsson

There are many times during which moms feel overwhelmed, nervous, or unprepared for the pregnancy and delivery of multiples. It's not uncommon.

New Jersey mom Lindsay Hay documented her journey on Instagram.

The mom of (now) five children discovered she was pregnant with quadruplets after struggling to conceive. If you think twins are a lot, imagine double that! Lindsay was kind enough to share her story with other moms online.

The mom told BuzzFeed that she was put on a fertility hormone called Follistim.

She was told by doctors she had a "poor egg count," so they placed her on hormones to help. She told Buzzfeed:

"The theory behind the drugs was that if I produced more than one egg each cycle, I’d 'catch' a good one faster. We were to try this, plus timed intercourse six times, before moving on to IVF. I conceived the quads on Cycle 3 of this treatment."

She ended up pregnant with quadruplets and she was in complete shock.

"I honestly didn’t think the pregnancy would progress, and prepared myself for miscarriage. There was just a lot of uncertainty, fear, and surprise," she said.

For moms who were struggling with their own pregnancies with multiples, Lindsay posted tons of photos of her journey.

Including those in which she tackled really big issues and some fears that many moms had.

Throughout her pregnancy, Lindsay shared weekly bump photos and updates to her followers on Instagram.

In this update from week 26, Lindsay opened up about her body's changes. By this point, she had gained 49 pounds and was noticing a lot of new stretch marks.

On July 23, 2019, Lindsay got to meet her four miracles.

Lindsay revealed that she opted for a clear drape during her C-section birth, and was actually able to see each of her babies being born. Amazing!

Meet the Hay quadruplets.

In birth order, meet Caiden, Madison, Lucas, and Grayson! Welcome to the world, guys! Each baby weighed just over three pounds at birth.

Before the Hays could bring home the newest members of their family, the babies stayed in the NICU.

Lindsay admitted that NICU life had its "up and downs" but thankfully, after a few weeks, the babies were given the all-clear to head home.

The before-and-after photos she shared of her baby bump and her quadruplets really had parents glowing.

Other moms were praising her for being so open and honest about her journey and sharing photos each step of the way —especially the before-and-after pictures of her bump.

Since Lindsay posted these before-and-after photos, thousands of people have seen and commented on them on Instagram.

Instagram | @claresadlier

These photos are truly one-in-a-million shots.

A lot of people really loved this as a photo idea for new moms.

Instagram | @ktkilroyy

You don't have to be a mom of multiples to recreate this photo, either. Anyone can do it!

This photo also brought Lindsay's story to the public's attention.

Instagram | @rouge_fairy_dragon

Since the photo went viral, many have reached out to congratulate Lindsay and her family.

Lindsay recently did another before-and-after pic.

This time, it shows her babies as newborns compared to now. Wow! They've grown up so much in such a short period of time.

"Now it’s nearly impossible to fit them between my arms but you better believe I’ll be somehow recreating this when they’re 18," Lindsay said in her post.

Lindsay's been really candid about what life is like now that she has five kids.

"I rarely get a minute to myself. I’m constantly in motion and have learned how to move quickly and multitask. I sleep less. I worry more. But I will say this: The expression 'full hands, fuller hearts' has never resonated with me more," she said.

But, she feels nothing but blessed, too.

"I am so overjoyed with happiness and fulfillment, and every day I wake up wondering how I got so lucky. I have everything I prayed for and more. We are so blessed," she said.

It is an amazing sight to see and heartwarming to see how much she truly loves her babies.

It's a message to all parents that no matter how big or small your tribe is, we're never alone in the parenting world today.

We love to see stories like these!

Not only is Lindsay's story an inspiration, but it's also loving and moving to see how much she cares about all of her children — their biggest blessing of all!

And, for those moms struggling with multiples, have no fear!

Lindsay says in all of her posts, she hopes her story can fill parents with "hope and peace" and that, even if they struggle with pregnancy, the light at the end of the tunnel can be amazing.