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Pink Kindly Stops Haters From Dissing Her Head-Shaving Video

Fans have been giving celebs the third degree for complaining about social distancing amid the current coronavirus crisis. But after receiving a snarky comment on Instagram, Pink fired back in the best way possible!

Killing 'em with kindness!

Right now, if you're a decent human being who doesn't work at a hospital or a supermarket, you are kindly distancing yourself from others, staying at home, going stir-crazy.

And if you're anything like me, things are starting to get weird...

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I've been wearing the same sweatpants for the last four days.

There is a permanent indent on the couch where I have been sitting for the last eight days.

Everyone is doing everything they can to keep themselves busy.

And while for some people that might mean something practical, like reorganizing their closet, learning a new recipe, drawing, writing, or exercising, for others it means increasing their daily screentime by 300%.

There have been more TikTok challenges circulating than I can even keep track of.

Dance challenges, push-up challenges, drinking challenges — you name it.

Anything to distract ourselves from crippling cabin fever, amirite?

Singer, Pink, like many other celebrities, is practicing social distancing along with her husband, Carey Hart and their two children.

She shared a video on Instagram, revealing what she and her family have been doing to occupy themselves during quarantine.

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"Hi everybody," she said. "Just wanted to share a couple of things that I've been up to that I think you might like."

"I've been doing Ryan Heffington's dance class," she said.

"It brings me so much joy. My daughter, Willow, did it with me and it was so much fun."

"So, if you go on his Instagram, I think he's doing it again at noon tomorrow."

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"We can all dance together," she said with a huge smile on her face.

"And dance. Make sure you dance every single day," she said.

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"Try to get your exercise, and then if you have any great new shows that you're into, let me know. I'm watching A Million Little Things and Grey's Anatomy per usual."

"I send you my love," she said. "I wish I knew another song on piano, I'd play it for you."

"Talk to you soon," she said before signing off.

Evidently, Pink is mastering the art of quarantine WAY better than I am.

"Wouldn't that be fun?!," she added. "Another thing I'm listening to is the 'Goop' podcast, about coronavirus and how important it is that we all stay connected".

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"We've been having virtual happy hour," she went on. "I'm about to have one in an hour with my family."

But it looks like they are definitely feeling the affects of social distancing.

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Pink shared a video on Instagram of herself shaving her husband's head.

"We’ve lost it. But we’re together! AT HOME," she captioned the post.

Unfortunately, fans seemed a bit annoyed that Pink had any complaints about being on lockdown.

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“Good thing you get paid," one person commented.

Pink wasted no time firing back at the snarky comment in the best way possible.

“I’m deeply sad that you feel the need to be rude and lash out, but I get it," she replied.

"We’re all feeling really scared".

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“My advice to you would be to cultivate positivity and if you wanna reach out and be friendly, this community is here for you.”