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10+ Weird Things In 'Mean Girls' Fans Can't Get Over

Mean Girls was one of the best teen comedies of all time.

There's no doubting that.

But even great movies can have things about them that don't make sense. Movies are made by humans and humans, by nature, make mistakes.

What is fetch?

We know that it's not going to happen. We know that it's British slang.

But what is it slang for? Cool? Fun? Good? Are we too old to get it?

"If I were wearing jeans today, I'd be sitting over there with the art freaks."

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For some reason, wearing jeans makes you an art freak.

We never got an explanation as to why, but let me tell you, we're still wondering.

Where did Gretchen learn to speak Vietnamese?

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There are so many mysteries to this girl, she should really get her own spinoff series or something.

Quick, someone call Netflix! They'll greenlight anything!

The confessionals

In a weird shift, there are a couple of confessional montages throughout the movie. It breaks the fourth wall and kind of takes you out of the movie.

The quotes are great though.


We know that Cady moved from Africa to the US, but does anyone realize that Africa is a continent? That's like saying: "Yeah I just moved from Asia".

What part of Asia?

Speaking of which...

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Where the heck did her perfect American accent come from?

Was she in Africa practicing English with her parents all those years? How is she sporting that perfect, crystal clear accent?

Cousin Lover

Are we just going to ignore the fact that Karen had a thing for her cousin?

Why wasn't the incest ever addressed? It's hard to believe George would let that slide.

How could Cady have written the Burn Book?

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She was the new kid, right? Where did she get all the old gossip that was in the Burn Book?

She could have asked the Plastics for a couple of stories here and there...but enough to fill a whole book?

Speaking of the burn book...

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There was one surefire way to find who wrote the book: test everyone's handwriting.

Eventually, the faculty would have figured it out, it's not like Regina George could have faked it that well.

The Halloween costumes

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Was there never a talk between the plastics about what they were going to wear on Halloween?

Regina definitely would have asked, in the very least. It would have saved Cady some embarrassment.

The double cheating

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Cady wants Aaron to break up with Regina because Regina is cheating on Aaron, but Cady makes a move on Aaron when he's still with Regina so isn't that technically cheating?

Ugh. I feel like I'm writing like a plastic now.

How were they allowed to wear those clothes?

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Maybe they have different rules at their school, but there is no way a high school would allow skirts to be that short!

It's always past the fingertips!

"Does it bother you that they still use your original choreography?"

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We know that Janice choreographed the "Jingle Bell Rock" dance.

Does that mean she was a plastic in middle school? Those moves are so not current, so does that mean she changed it over the years?

Why did they bring so many Kälteen bars to the U.S?

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It was to help the children of "Africa" gain weight, right? Then why would they bring them to America, where they cannot possibly help African children gain any weight?

It makes no sense.