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Fans Slam Madonna For Her Coronavirus Message: 'It's Made Us All Equal'

Madonna has made some strange choices throughout her career.

Some of them have been daring enough to make the public take her side.

Others, on the other hand, have not been welcomed by people at all.

This video that she posted on Instagram, unfortunately, was one of those times.

Madonna posted this strange video on her Instagram the other day.

It was about a hot subject these days: Coronavirus.

She's known for making some daring choices in her career, but this one was definitely on the weirder side.

She sat in a bathtub naked, surrounded by flower petals and she spoke about how Coronavirus was "The Great Equalizer".

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She mentions how the virus didn't care if you were rich, if you were famous, or if you had great stories to tell people.

She said about the virus: "It's made us all equal."

No matter who you are, Coronavirus can take you down.

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Which is, in a way, true.

But fans didn't take too kindly to this message. Because even though Madonna said: "If the ship goes down, we're all going down with it..."

There are some people who will go down first.

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How do I put this... Remember that scene in Titanic where all the poor people are trapped below deck while all the rich people get put onto the boats?

That's what will happen with Coronavirus.

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