12+ Moments That Really Say Something About Society

Ah society, you really are a funny little enigma aren't you? We all bring something individual to society, whether it be for good or ill, maybe you fashion little crochet jumpers for cats, or you volunteer at a local charity?

However, there are also those moments that say something about society in a, well, less than completely positive way. These could be quite asinine things like showing us how bored local kids are, or they could be things like people going shopping in full S&M gear during a pandemic (yes, hold onto your hats for that one!). So, without further ado, here are 12+ moments that really say something about society!

Leave Me Alone

Reddit | austin_lou

I can resonate a lot with this man. Self-isolation or no self-isolation, sometimes it is nice to be left alone!

Prophecy This!

Reddit | BlueWoof

I hope that they will also be offering refunds for those who have attended the class thus far.

"My hometown knows how to quarantine."

Reddit | mumblewrapper

If you're going to be self-isolated, you may as well do it drunk! Just ride out that storm with a kick-ass, lonely party!

"Brother got this as tip doing DoorDash."

Reddit | MasterGGM

DoorDash employees must be booming with business at the moment! I mean, I don't know if it's worth getting paid in toilet rolls, but whatever.

Not The Testicle Festival!

Reddit | rae77777

First of all, why do we have such a thing as a testicle festival; secondly, why do we have a testicle festival? I know that they're technically the same thing but I felt that it is such a glaringly important point that it warranted being said twice.

Raiders Of The Lost Cubicle

Reddit | LKIkost

Yep, we're at a point where people are making jokes about how valuable society values toilet paper right now. This is a true low-point for humanity.

"It looks like I'm not the only one who would rather die..."

Reddit | andybev01

When it comes to starving in the apocalypse or tinned clam chowder, I think everyone knows what the appropriate action is!

"This lady is out getting supplies."

Reddit | moldibread

So, did she just have that lying around before all of this kicked off, or did she... you know what, I don't want to think about it. At least this is a fetish that prepared them for the end of days.

There Is No Hope For Us

Reddit | Zer07042

What more can you really say about this, other than please may God have mercy on us for some people's stupidity.

"Unicorn hazmat suit."

Reddit | PabloFaja

If your choice is being safe in a unicorn suit or exposing yourself in these uncertain times, then always choose the unicorn. In fact, just choose the unicorn even when there isn't a pandemic!

"Went to the shop last night. Every aisle had been picked clean apart from this... People are idiots."

Reddit | Cha7l1e

In fairness, it might just be because Corona beer tastes like it has been wrung out of a rat that was sprayed with lime Febreeze.

"My grandparents have been married for 67 years...handling this quarantine well."

Reddit | Haggerjp

There have already been a lot of couples feeling the sting of self-quarantining together! Looks like this couple should be alright though!

"My buddy was cleaning out his desk while at home during the quarantine, and found a $50 gift card!"

Reddit | Juztaan

When it comes down to it, people will never throw away a gift card. No matter how out of date or useless it is, people will always hold onto it!

"My wheels just got stolen."

Reddit | Neemo53

Even at a time of crisis like this, there are people out there trying to screw over other people.

"Why Is There Braille On The Number Pads On Vending Machines When They Can't See The Numbers For What They Want?"

Reddit | P3SARI

Someone here was just trying to do the right thing. They were so close, yet so far!

We're Doomed

Reddit | rotten_pickles_

I know that this one has been doing the rounds a lot lately, but it simply never ceases to amaze me what people will do for a sliver of internet attention nowadays.

I get the feeling they couldn't decide which movie quote they wanted to use for this, so they went with both.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

If Ferris Bueller can convince a fancy restaurant that he's the sausage king of Chicago, he should be able to convince us to stay home.

As for the Clerks reference, I also would've accepted "You're not even supposed to be here today."

There have been a lot of unexpected side effects of this whole Coronavirus business, but the increase of dinosaurs walking the streets has to be one of the more pleasant ones.

Reddit | thehayden512

In case you're wondering why this is happening, the fact that I saw one holding a sign saying "Extinction sucks, stay home" probably serves as a major clue.

It's always nice to see people looking out for each other, especially right now.

Reddit | peeled_peas

Apparently, this kind of caring and generous response is well in line with the reputation of Nepal.

Sorry Canada, but it looks like you've been out-niced.

This guy's birthday happened to fall on a time when he was self-isolating, so this is how he celebrated.

Reddit | Brak23

While I've definitely been a lot of these people at a party, I'm pretty tickled by the one that's just staring at a wall for whatever reason.

A lot of places are keeping all non-essential personnel home, but this is what it looks like to be essential.

Reddit | EchoesOfSilenceXO

And considering that this person works in a factory that makes hand sanitizer, it's not hard to understand why he's got to keep pushing ahead.

Thanks, dude!

While it's very encouraging to see a renewed respect for healthcare workers lately, some remain pretty modest about it.

Reddit | RedDirtNurse

Of course, the fact that she doesn't want people to call her a hero just makes it all the more likely that they'll see her as one.

Sorry ma'am, we don't make the rules.

As we can see, a lot of people are less than satisfied with how the president has responded to this whole crisis.

Reddit | dittidot

As clever as the idea to make him look like the virus using those ogre ear stalks was, however, I don't know what Shrek ever did to deserve getting dragged into this.

Ever since people have had to quarantine, a lot of them have taken to knitting to pass the time.

Reddit | nicotinewizard

Of course, it's a little easier to do that when you have some idea of the head your adorable little hats are trying to fit. Hence, we have the uploader's grandpa modelling for their grandma.

As many more people work from home now, a lot of them are seeing a lot more video conferencing.

Reddit | RichardBachmanuk

And since this can involve "rooms" of tens of people at once, this person figured he could just substitute their dog into the meeting.

At my office, this would only make you more noticeable, but also more popular so it's kind of a trade-off.

That trade-off is probably why this person found a more subtle way to fade into the background.

Reddit | Ully97

And if worse comes to worse, this person can just claim they froze because of some connection issues later.

Yup, very persistent connection issues that happen to only show up during the most boring meetings. Weird...

I guess this seems like a reasonable enough request, but I really want to know the story behind why they had to make it.

Reddit | 9thwonder17

Like, would a nuclear weapon even fit inside this bathroom? And it's not like they're just giving those away.

This could've ended very badly, but at least one person who handled this paint company's marketing understood what optics are.

Reddit | Randolm

For anyone wondering what's wrong with painting a face black, just switch those last two words around and you'll have your answer.

Someone brought us all the way back to childhood with this one.

Reddit | ManILoveFarming

For those who don't remember, that's the little piggy who stayed home. Although I suppose that it's also OK if you went "wee wee wee" the whole time you were heading there.

For this guy's 15th birthday, he wanted to find a responsible way to party.

Reddit | PaulyPickles

So rather than have a bunch of people over and put them all at risk, he encouraged people to celebrate as they drove by.

After all, this is definitely a time when people would need a slice of pizza and a cupcake.

This German mural works a lot better than its artist may have even realized.

Reddit | Bobone2121

Because while "schatz" is indeed the German word for "treasure" (so "precious is close enough), it also sounds like something we'd need toilet paper for.

"I was given this in my Spanish class in year 7. It's Spanish colours."

Reddit | realkiddamage190

At least the Blanco, Gris, and Negro ones are still right I guess?

"Different societies prioritize different things. The tea aisle in a London supermarket."

Reddit | Lard_Baron

The day that Great Britain runs dry of tea, is the day that Britain falls.

"Day 3. I've learned to fold a fitted sheet."

Reddit | Prpkrew

In the new world, this person shall be our leader, for achieving that which no other person has ever been able to accomplish.

"Kids are getting pretty bored over here."

Reddit | glennert

That is one long street and some very bored kids! I wonder how long it would take to finish? Actually, just thinking about that is making me tired!