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Sausage Dog Sprains Tail Happily Wagging It Too Much At Quarantined Family

On a normal morning, I leave the house and my two fluffy dogs stare at me through the window with the saddest eyes. They're used to the routine, but that doesn't mean they aren't hecking excited to see me when I get home from work.

Now that I'm home 24/7, they were excited for the change, but are swiftly losing interest in the human who spends all her time at the computer and not providing all day cuddles.

Lots of pets have been excited to have their humans home, but none quite so excited as Rolo.

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The little dachshund was wagging his tail non-stop when he realized that not just one of his humans, but ALL of them were going to be staying home with him.

So of course his family would be concerned when that excited wagging suddenly stopped.

Off to the vet they went, only to be told that poor Rolo had simply wagged his tail so much that he'd sprained it!

Luckily a bit of pain medicine and rest is all Rolo needs to feel better.

Please note that the "sensitive content" Twitter decided needed to be hidden in the attached tweet is a belly rub displaying the sausage doggo's... sausage.

This sort of injury is actually pretty common.

Vet's call it "happy tail syndrome", because it occurs when happy doggos dislocate the bones in their tail through sheer force or banging it against furniture.

As for Rolo, he's healing up just fine and after plenty of requests, he's now got an Instagram account you can follow @rolo.thehotdog.