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The Best Blep On Instagram Has Been Found And It Belongs To Ikiru The Cat

If you are unfamiliar with the wide vocabulary of cuteness, you may not know what a blep is.

A blep is when an animal sits with their tongue out all cutely. Not to be confused with a mlem, which is when they flick their tongue out.

Every blep is cute, but Ikiru the cat's is particularly special.

Instagram | @neko.ikiru.san

The combination of his giant eyes and flat face makes the bright pink tongue stand out even more.

The fact that his nose matches his fur really adds to his cartoon appearance.

Instagram | @neko.ikiru.san

According to the vet, Ikiru is a perfectly healthy exotic shorthair.

The breed is known for its flat, round faces and big eyes. His are just unusually impressive.

A lot of cats and dogs who leave their tongues hanging out are missing teeth.

Instagram | @neko.ikiru.san

But Ikiru has all of his. He's just really fond of sticking his tongue out and always has been.

He was named after a Kurosawa film.

Though the movie Ikiru is a sad one, it's also about bringing happiness to others. The word "ikiru" means "to live".

Ikiru the cat is definitely lively and playful, and brings happiness to the lives of his many social media followers.

If you'd like to join his fan club, follow him on Instagram @neko.ikiru.san.

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