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Man Uses Drone To Take His Dog For A Walk During Coronavirus Lockdown

A man in Cyprus recently got pretty creative when it came time to walk his dog during the country's coronavirus lockdown.

As Business Insider reported, Vakis Demetriou wasn't exactly eager to leave the house to walk the pup himself, so he deployed his drone to help the dog get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and do its business, all while following the government's recommendation of social distancing.

A video of the bizarre yet totally ingenious hack was shared online where it quickly went viral.

Facebook | Vakis Demetriou

Demetriou posted the clip to his Facebook page, showing the drone flying a few feet above his small dog, who was attached to the gadget by its leash.

"5th day quarantine," he captioned the video, which has over 1.5 million views as of writing. "Stay home safe but don't forget your dog happiness."

As unusual as a sight it is, the dog seems perfectly content being walked by what is essentially a robot.

Facebook | Vakis Demetriou

In the video, it can be seen happily trotting through the empty streets of Limassol on Cyprus’ southeastern coast, completely unperturbed by the fact that its owner has been replaced with some buzzing, flying contraption above its head.

As long as it's outside, it's happy.

The video was later shared on Twitter where it got plenty of reactions from people.

While some certainly applauded Demetriou's creativity during the country-wide lockdown, others found a few holes in his seemingly flawless plan.

For instance, as this user pointed out, "I don't see the drone cleaning up." Or this user who added, "What could possibly go wrong if that dog sees a cat..."

But I think we can all agree it was a cute idea, even if it wasn't entire foolproof.

After just 19 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades declared a state of emergency and issued a series of lockdown measures.

As Cyprus Mail reported, this included shutting down all public areas like malls and department stores, with only pharmacies and supermarkets remaining open.

As of writing, the country has confirmed 84 coronavirus cases.

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h/t: Business Insider, Cyprus Mail

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