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Whipped Coffee Is Now A Thing That Will Definitely Be Eaten By The Spoonful

I don't have TikTok, and I haven't quite decided if I should be confident in announcing that to the world, or if it's okay that I don't quite understand it.

I will let you know that I do in fact know that food hacks on the social media platform are a thing, and while I may certainly be very out of touch, I feel like I may just have to try this whipped coffee one.

If you never thought to whip your coffee, you might want to now!

TikTok | @imhannahcho

It basically looks like something I will be topping on everything, and maybe even just eating like it's pudding.

TikToker (I think that's what you call them) @imhannahcho showed us how to make it.

TikTok | @imhannahcho

She uses equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and warm water.

You then whip the mixture in a bowl until it looks something like chocolate whipped cream.

TikTok | @hidden.singer

Many TikTokers just use a spoon to whip it up, but I would say it would still work just as well with an electric hand mixer.

It looks like most people have been making it into an indulgent iced treat with cream or milk, but apparently you can also enjoy it hot, and I just have no idea how. I can't unsee coffee whipped cream when I see it!

Regardless, this hack definitely just made coffee breaks so much more exciting!

Will you be giving this TikTok hack a try? Let us know!

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