17+ Times People Spotted Something Crazy And Shared With Us All

If you're getting a bit stir-crazy in self-isolation, consider this: during the 1918 flu, people also got bored. But they didn't have the internet. Take a deep breath, get comfortable, and let these weird pics guide you through these trying times.

Step skippers welcome.

Reddit | godofgainz

If you're the type of maniac who takes every staircase two steps at a time, this staircase understands your motivations.

Where's the right AirPod?

Reddit | Master_Aar

I guess it's kind of cute, if totally impractical, to create a Bluetooth speaker that looks like a massive AirPod. But how do you set this down? Does it even have stereo sound?

Speaking of AirPods...

Reddit | AndrewBrah

This person's case apparently grew eyebrows! No, apparently the magnets in the case picked up a bunch of iron filings after it was dropped at the beach.

Personal observatory.

Reddit | hmtyrant

Someone has to be a major space geek to design a house's architecture around having an observatory. Whatever happened to taking a telescope out in the backyard?

The car of the future.

Reddit | Timo_bu

There are all sorts of hybrid and full electric vehicles on the market today, but if you're serious about classic cars, only an electrically-retrofitted Mini Cooper will do.


Reddit | sigglet

This person unpeeled a fairly strange, stumpy, wide banana to find that the one peel contained four miniature bananas inside.


Reddit | NateSpyder

In my day, high school classes were taught using lousy overhead projectors. Now, kids and teachers have full-blown video projectors — including some that evidently fold down from the ceiling tiles.

Making a mark.


This insect met its demise while this fabric was being printed. But like a mosquito trapped in amber, its self-sacrifice will echo through time.

Center stage.

Reddit | [deleted]

This is a reasonable complete band, complete with a vocalist, keyboard player and guitarist. Somehow, they're occupying a space that's about the size of a shower stall.

Imagine dragons.

Reddit | MarliePwns

It's pretty incredible how water and wood combine to create so many unique pieces of driftwood. This one looks uncannily like a dragon's head.


Reddit | omg_itsryan_lol

Everyone knows that it's important to get multiple flavors when buying a Slurpee. But usually they just kind of coagulate together. In this case, the straw shows some perfect distribution.

I didn't know that was legal.

Reddit | Jbeezer250

Sure, we've all fantasized about gigantic Skittles before, but no one should play god. That said, it looks like Skittles has accomplished the impossible.

Speaking of Skittles...

Reddit | Zeusch

Who knew that the little white 'S' on each Skittle was basically a tattoo? This one floated away from its host Skittle after it was dropped in a glass of water.

A shot's a shot.

Reddit | DalaiMontana

This is the tiniest, most adorable beverage can I've ever seen. The fact that it contains whisky is just a bonus.

Jack, did you lose your beanstalk?

Reddit | Vegsivir

This person is standing on the fourth floor of their building. Even at that height, they can still see eye-to-stalk with a massive plant that's grown up from the lobby level.


Reddit | ogre_easy

A MacBook wouldn't be a MacBook without the signature Apple logo on the back. Apparently, when the sunlight hits certain MacBook Pros just right, you can see the logo from the other side.

The only thing that's clear about this photo is that this doesn't seem like a very good idea.

Reddit | CthaDStyles

Not only will things get bad for these guys if one of them falls over, but we're looking at a major mishap if something gets between them.

Seriously, why is that chain even there?

It turns out that we're not the only ones who can make completely unflattering faces when we're not ready for a photo.

Reddit | producepat

But while we tend to look either sleepy or like we're about to sneeze, this cat suddenly looked a lot more dramatic while it was casually licking itself.

For me, the defining part of this picture isn't whatever this man is doing in the shopping cart.

Reddit | Alden_Is_Happy

Instead, it's the extremely uncomfortable-looking Walmart employee who looks like his manager just told him that this is now his responsibility.

It doesn't happen that often, but flowering plants can sometimes develop a condition called fasciation.

Reddit | hippieschmidt

As we can see, this results in some fairly intense growth as it blooms. It sort of looks like it has a caterpillar on it, but that's all pollen.

This certainly wasn't what someone expected to find in their bag of peanuts.

Reddit | pentax10

As for what exactly we're looking at, the best guess is either that it's a severely mutated peanut or a cluster of them that somehow bunched together.

So it appears that what we have here is a fake trophy of a blue dog that someone made to get either attacked or caressed by an octopus.

Reddit | The_Optimus_Rhyme

As for why they made this or what it's all supposed to mean, I'm afraid I don't have the answers you seek.

Considering how much of our crap is out floating in the world's oceans somewhere, I guess this shouldn't be too surprising of a sight.

Reddit | Maple569

Still, the fact that this chair is sitting both upright and alone on the seabed does make one wonder how exactly it got there.

I'm not sure what somebody had in mind when they put these railings up here.

Reddit | yunglee041

All I know is that it looks like something I would make in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater park editor and insist you could totally grind on without falling off the roof.

In other words, it looks like something I would lie to myself about.

I guess this is a case where someone did something crazy and shared it with us all.

Reddit | Yellowedits

Either somebody misunderstood what cinnamon toast crunch is or this bizarre idea is somebody's culinary innovation.

I can't see it catching on, personally.

No matter how much I look at this, I'm no closer to finding an explanation I'm completely satisfied with.

Reddit | Eff3ction

The theory that's winning in my mind right now is that this is Photoshop, but some part of me still thinks that either the perspective is weird in this shot or that we're looking at an incredibly tall woman.


Reddit | Schwiftmister

I really appreciate the uniqueness of this architectural flourish, which can't have any application other than looking cool. I wonder how it was constructed.

I'll call this cat 'Patches'.

Reddit | arthurdentstowels

This beautiful Siamese cat had surgery, necessitating the trimming of some of its fur. The fur grew back in a completely different shade.

Looks delicious.

Reddit | musicaljerks

This water, which looks like sparkling Pepto-Bismol, is actually the result of a chemical leak. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's probably not safe to drink.

Unfortunate windows.

Reddit | trinitythetot

This is a decent-looking house, and it'll look even better when the surrounding neighborhood has filled out a bit. It's a real shame about those second-storey windows, though.