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You Can Turn Your Dog's Face Into The Goodest Succulent Planter Ever

People are obsessed with dogs, and people are obsessed with succulents. Smush those two things together and you have a product of genius proportions. It's just math!

If you're like most people and you love both of those things too, then just wait until you see what one Etsy seller cooked up for you.

Succulents and dogs — is there really anything better?

Etsy | Meow3DStore

Etsy seller Meow3DStore makes custom succulent planters that look just like your pooch pal, and they're the goodest ever.

Each planter is hand-painted to match every detail of your dog's face

Etsy | Meow3DStore

Many happy customers have expressed how much their planters look like their dogs.

The shop will even go above and beyond to capture a memorable moment, like this dog wearing a sombrero!

Etsy | Meow3DStore

So cute!

Put these planters on your desk at work to keep your best pal with you at your second home, send them with your kids to keep in their college dorm, or just keep in your home as a great conversation piece.

Your plants will absolutely thrive in a planter like this!

The planters come in four different sizes to suit your green thumb needs.

Etsy | Meow3DStore

The standard size is around $130, the large size is around $155, and the mega size is around $210.

Order your own here. They're not the cheapest planter on the block, but they're 100% one of a kind!

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