Crochet Sunflower Bouquets Will Help Brighten Anyone's Day

There is no doubt there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, and it's definitely difficult to not get caught in the panic of what COVID-19 has brought to the world.

Being cooped up at home, whether you're alone, with a partner, or your family can make you feel even more antsy and make you want to escape even more. Unfortunately, we can't escape just yet!

While you're getting your social distancing on at home, consider whipping out your dusty crochet skills and tackling a bouquet of cheerful sunflowers.


Flowers have been found to reduce feelings of anxiety and pain, after all.

Crochet blogger Kawaka made this wonderful pattern so you can crochet your own happy bunch of the sunny flowers.

The best part about crocheting your own bouquet is that they will never go bad!


They'll stay fresh all quarantine-long.

This pattern actually includes instructions for potting your crocheted sunflowers.

Not only are these flowers an instant mood-booster, but just the act of crocheting alone has been shown to help further reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

It's also a great distraction, so instead of turning on the 10th newscast of the day, get out your materials and get crocheting instead.

Not all of us know how to crochet, however, so if you're feeling in need of a timeless sunflower bouquet, just head to Etsy.

Etsy | GiftforyouHandmade

You can find some ready-made bouquets like this one.

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