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'Harry Potter'-Inspired Coffee Bean Flavors Make Mornings So Much More Magical

They used to say that the best part of waking up was Folgers in your cup, but they were wrong. No disrespect to Folgers, but had we had Harry Potter coffee beans, we would have been singing a much different tune.

Don't blame me, blame the Potterheads!

Etsy seller 9andthreequartersco IS in fact making 'Harry Potter'-inspired coffee bean flavors for a magically delicious morning.

Etsy | 9andthreequartersco

Right now, the Indiana-based shop is selling a Butter Brew flavor with notes of butterscotch, chocolate, and praline, as well as Christmas at the Burrow, with notes of chocolate, warm spices, and red fruit.

Both are full-bodied medium roasts, so everyone will be able to enjoy.

Because everyone has different coffee drinking preferences, the shop sells the 5-ounce bags in 7 different grinds.

Whole bean, espresso, pour over, and French press are a few popular settings.

Since both beans are quite flavorful on their own, they would do great with a splash of creamer and maybe a little pinch of sugar to complement the sweet flavors.

If you drink your coffee black, congrats. I cannot, so here is my best suggestion for people like moi!

9andthreequartersco also released some fun flavors with punny names inspired by spells and characters in the past.

Etsy | 9andthreequartersco

I wonder what their next flavors will be!

Find Butter Brew and Christmas at the Burrow for $14.

The best part? If you order by Tuesday, you will get a fresh bag the same week! It's like magic.