Parents Stuck Homeschooling Their Kids Are Realizing How Much They Appreciate Teachers

With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, many schools across the country are closed for the time being to help contain the spread of the virus. Due to this, teachers are switching to eLearning—or, remote instruction.

But, with all education happening online, parents are becoming more involved than ever.

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While in school, teachers are responsible for educating kids and managing behaviors, but now parents are included in the mix. In fact, parents not only parenting but they're ALSO becoming like part-time teachers.

For many teachers, it's truly an incredible time.

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Teachers are basking in the glory of having parents understand how their children truly behave on a day-to-day basis. While some kids may be angels at home, in the classroom (and anywhere else for an extended amount of time), they sometimes act like absolute fools.

However, parents aren't totally loving the change of pace.

Now that parents are getting a full, complete, and unfiltered view of their kids and how difficult it can be to teach them, they are showing nothing but appreciation for teachers.

As a teacher myself, we always wished parents had felt this way about us, so it's nice to see them showing some gratitude towards our jobs and professions.

It started off with TV writer and producer Shona Rhimes.

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Rhimes admitted that she had been teaching her six-year-old and eight-year-old for a little over an hour and realized that teachers deserve to make WAY more than they already do. I mean, way more.

Even Ice T jumped in with some remarks.


The actor and rapper said, "Now that all kids are home from school indefinitely... people realize teachers should get waaaaaay more pay." He's not wrong!

Other parents began to add to the conversation.

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Twitter user Amy McGrath tweeted that at the end of her "homeschooling attempt," she realized that teachers are absolute superheroes.

Another parent added that teachers should make more than everyone combined.

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Not just anyone, but she claimed teachers should make more than professional athletes, CEO's, and all of Hollywood combined. I have to say, I don't disagree.

Many agreed that teachers should get double pay.

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At the end of this pandemic, Rogger has the right advice—double their pay. Teachers need to get at LEAST double.

Some are pointing out that schools really are more than just schools.

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Twitter user Nicholas Ferroni pointed out that schools are more than just schools. Being a teacher is much more than just educating kids, we nurture them and take care of them as if they are our own.

Some are pointing out that teachers aren't lying about their kids behavior.

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For many teachers, the mundane "he doesn't act like this at home," excuse is always a frequent one out of parent's mouths. But, now, the tables have officially turned.

Others are joining in on the conversation saying it's absolutely true.

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Can't lie, when your kids are rude and interrupting you when you're talking, you're going to realize how annoying it truly is. Now, imagine that with 30 other students in the room. We told you so.

There are those parents out there that just truly get it.

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Teachers are underpaid and under-appreciated because on a daily basis, we fight the urge to fly off the handle at kids who are nothing but disrespectful. We keep a smile on our face and keep it moving.

And, after seeing all the parents appreciating us—some teachers responded.

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At the end of the day, teaching is a profession that requires so much out of us — emotionally, mentally, and physically. Most days, we are disrespected — most days.

So, despite the growing pandemic and illnesses spreading—one thing is for sure.

At the end of this, parents are going to understand that teaching is not only hard—but complicated. While you try homeschooling your three children, remember, many of us have over 120 students per day.

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