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'WiFi And Wine' Nights Aren't Complete Without Long Distance Friend Wine Glasses

While introverts are absolutely thriving right now, extroverts are hurting a little bit. Not being able to get together with friends for after work bevvies, Wednesday wine nights, D&D, or check out new spring events is just torture.

One Etsy seller found a way to keep the social activities with your pals alive and well.

Yes, you'll still be able to drink with your friends even from afar!

Etsy seller CuttingUpAStorm is selling wine glasses for long distance friends.

Esty | CuttingUpAStorm

The cute script on the glasses reads, "Never too far to drink together."

Along with the sweet script is a customizable decal of the states that you and your friend(s) lives.

Esty | CuttingUpAStorm

It still works if your friends live in the same state as you.

When you drink from the glass, you'll feel like you're sharing a bevvy with your pal!

Each glass is being sold for around $12, while a set of two goes for around $20.

Esty | CuttingUpAStorm

So pour yourself a drink, hop on FaceTime, and share a sip with your social distancing friends!

Order them here.

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