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Zara Owner Intidex Is Opening Their Factories' Doors To Produce Masks And Hospital Gowns

Amidst the panic and stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have graciously stepped in to help where it's needed. Country singer Brad Paisley's grocery store will be delivering groceries to elderly customers, plenty of production houses are making new movie releases available on-demand, and beauty brands and distilleries are making sanitizer for those in need.

It's been amazing to see how everyone's come together to help one another during this grim time in history.

Zara owner Intidex is the latest company to step in and open their doors to produce goods other than fashion.

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According to Vogue, the Spain-based company will provide its factories and logistic to the Spanish government to make low-supply items for medical workers.

These items include masks, gloves, glasses, caps, faces shields, and shoe covers.

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Already Intidex has donated 10,000 face masks, with a projection of another 300,000 by the end of the week.

The company also has plans to create hospital gowns, but they need to source medical-grade fabric to do so.

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In a statement to Vogue, the company also expressed that they're, “investigating the possibility of switching some of our textile-manufacturing capacity over to the production of health materials, involving Inditex’s manufacturing experts to that end.”

So far, Intidex's efforts will only be seen throughout Spain, their home-base, and there's no word on whether or not they will be donating these supplies throughout the world.

Until then, we hope to see other fashion houses and large scale factories step in and convert their factories for the time being as well.

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