18+ People Who Have Their Priorities Straight

What does it really mean to have your priorities straight? Is it people planning out their weekly shops in advance, or is it knowing what your dream job is and doing everything in your power to achieve that goal?

No, no it is not! Having your priorities straight means acknowledging how much you love your dog more than anyone else in your house, buying Twixes over broccoli at times of crisis, and absolutely ruining photographs of your siblings in the most hideous way possible. With more ideas like this in mind, here are 18+ people who really have their priorities straight!

"Winner of the worst tasting cereal contest."

Reddit | hyperbole_is_great

It is really quite the scathing indictment of Twinkies cereal that people would rather die than consume it's sugary, hideous contents.

Who's A Good Boy?

Twitter | LaLa_Lyds

This fella needs to step his game up otherwise I can see this marriage taking a very sharp turn soon!

It's Snack Time!

Twitter | KevinRyanComedy

This guy really has his priorities right! Now is a time for crackers, crisps, and chocolate bars, not healthy foods!

"When the quarantine kicks in..."

Reddit | TheTonz

This menu really starts out strong... just a shame they didn't panic buy more steaks I guess? But hey, a squirrel is nice too!

Refreshing Attitude

Twitter | cailinmeister

I can understand how this must be refreshing, much more so than a student just lying to you and messing you around for an entire semester.

Poor Kid

Reddit | Are_You_Ok_Mate

This one hits right in the feels. There were a lot of parents explaining how hard it was to explain to their kids why they couldn't have parties, with one person writing:

"Trying to explain why we can't still have a roller skate party to my eight-year-old is going about as well as explaining what a virus is to the president."

They're Just A Bunch Of Bankers

Twitter | mattbooshell

Thank God they all put out their signs saying what the temperature is, that way I know exactly how warm I am when I'm swearing at the bank for not being open later.

"Took a picture of my beautiful sister."

Reddit | bluepika5

Who would really want to take a nice picture of their sibling when they could take a ridiculously inappropriate picture of a work of art?

Fun Spring Salads!

Twitter | ReelQuinn

It's almost like Fox News is not a good place to get your daily news from! Unless of course you really like spring salads.

"News outlet in Canada is taping their microphones to hockey sticks to maintain social distance."

Reddit | the-d-man

This is the most Canadian way of solving a problem that I have ever seen! Of course they would use a hockey stick!

Needs Must!

Twitter | Michael1979

Look, if you're craving a Twix, then there is nothing you can do about it, you have to go and get that Twix. What? You're just meant to go without Twixes? Get out of here!

"Anyone know how long this will take to grow?"

Reddit | dpjhyland

This person has made a classic mistake. Everyone knows that toilet paper grows only in the soil outside of Target.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Twitter | moranmarc13

Much like the Twix conundrum, do you really expect people to go without pizza? This is too much!

"Made Myself A Quarantinni".

Reddit | shieldofares

Unsurprisingly, health organisations have since come out and said that this is really not a good idea! So, I guess it's just back to drinking normal alcohol instead.

The Choice Is Yours

Twitter | kendraaaleighh

I know which one both me and my partner would like to receive, and it's not the one which is going to wilt and die needlessly in a vase.

Dogs At The Moment...

Twitter | sheriffsal

What did we do to deserve dogs? I tell you what, not enough! If you have a dog right now, then go give them an extra big hug!

"The world isn't SO desperate that we need to start eating broccoli & kale 'pizza crust'."

Reddit | just_hammin_it_up

Actually, I'd rather eat a pizza composed of this than Twinkies cereal, and that's as brutal a diss on Twinkies that I can deliver.

"Now See, This I Can Understand!"

Reddit | tuestcretin

Look, people need to stock up on whatever they think they're going to need. However, think the people buying these aren't understanding the point of "social distancing".

"This guy in Italy wearing a 1m radial disc to avoid contact with people."

Reddit | Sasquatch489

This is just begging for people to come along and leave drinks propped up on it. Maybe he's actually out cosplaying as a dining room table!

It's Medicinal


Ah, iced coffee, the savior of so many of my university assignments! Nothing quite like a shot of ice-cold espresso into your veins to pick you up in the morning!