16+ Tweets That Make Self Isolation A Little More Enjoyable

Times are hard at the moment. As more and more people continue to self-isolate to try and slow the spread of this horrific pandemic, more and more people are struggling to find ways of coping with being stuck in the house all day.

One by one, people are realising that spending all day every day with your housemates/partners can throw up problems that you might have not encountered before, and throw in the high-speed question firing machines that are children, and you've got a real melting pot of carnage. So, if you need something to make this self-isolation business a little more tolerable, then here are 16+ funny tweets that make self-isolation a little more enjoyable!

Airport Rules

Twitter | jasonmustian

Just because you can't go on holiday doesn't mean that you can't live like you are on holiday! Pop on some images of beaches on the TV and pour yourself a mimosa.

Bad Attitude

Twitter | om_eye_goodness

Actually, back in the 1970s, kids would have to squat during lessons, and if they dared to stand up straight to stretch their legs then they would have to do a lap of the school while being whipped by the school bully.

Taster Menu

Twitter | DrakeGatsby

It's important, and fun, to keep yourself busy in these times of need! And, if the only way for you to do this is to cook a 7-course risotto tasting menu, then you do you!

"It's A Tale As Old As Time"

Twitter | WATTERSfall13

I can't wait to find out how many babies are going to be born as "Quarantine babies"!

A New Snack To Try At Home!

Twitter | Rachel_Sennott

What could possibly be better than a second pb&j sandwich! Sure, are the carbs going to make you feel sick? Yes! But does it taste amazing and give you something to do? Also yes!

Passing The Time

Twitter | drewisgooden

You see, there are plenty of ways to occupy your time, some cooler and "with it" than others of course... here's me, playing solitaire like an 80-year-old.

Being A Teacher Is Hard

Twitter | nlqualls

Personally, I would use this time to teach my kids how to be a God at Mario Kart, I mean, when else are you going to get this opportunity... as well as teaching them other essential skills obviously.


Twitter | veganmimosa

Guys! Heyy Guyss... I jus wan'ed tchoo say that I'm 'aving the besht quarantine everr!

Now Is The Time For Revenge

Twitter | katebevan

Now is the time to get revenge for all of the times that they have been sitting on your laptop, clawing at you while you're trying to work, and generally knocking things over to distract you! Take your sweet revenge my people!

Anyone Wanna Take That Bet?

Twitter | EyelessSilas

Who fancies rain next Thursday? I've got 4/1 on fog next Saturday as well!

TV Is Getting Stranger By The Days

Twitter | therunnersam

Self-isolation essentially means that everyone is finally running out of content to absorb — so I guess I'd watch this if it came out, I mean, what else am I going to watch?

The Kids Are Alright

Twitter | sim_kern

This is a wonderful idea, and I don't think that it should be just kids doing this, adults should be doing it as well. I mean, I don't know anywhere near enough about astronomy.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Twitter | GergoyFriendman

And if you don't even want to do this, then you can just Skype each other, the possibilities are endless!

Things To Do

Twitter | CassK9

Or alternatively, you can just stare aimlessly out of the window for 12 straight hours, I've been doing that and it really helps to pass the time... please God someone give me suggestions for fun things to do.

Deep Cat Conversations

Twitter | Home_Halfway

If you and your cat are not speaking during these strange times, then these are all conversation starters which can be used to get your relationship back on track.

Collectibles Trophy

Twitter | SJKSalisbury

Well, we are essentially living in a post-apocalyptic video-game at this point, so you may as well play along with it!


Twitter | amelianashh

I suppose in these dark times you need to take your positives where you can find them, such as cutting your ex off from binge-watching.

"Good thing his wife has all those essential oils."

Twitter | ESPNMcGee

Wait, you're telling me that Jason and Beth's protestations that vaccinations should be banned in favor of licking a tree and praying to the moon once a month was wrong? Good lord, I'm floored.

Keep Your Goals Realistic

Twitter | JohnKelly

Sure, if you can write a masterpiece, then do it! However, don't feel bad if you just watch TV.

The Real Struggle

Twitter | Chhapiness

At least the virus won't ask you a million questions about clouds that you simply do not know the answer to.