Very Good Dog Stays With His Owner After He Falls And Knocks Himself Out

Rescue a dog, and the dog will rescue you. At least, that's the way it worked out for Jesús Hueche and his dog, Tony. "One day we saw him on the street and adopted him, gave him love, food, and is part of our family," he said. "For me, he's like a son." Tony clearly loves Jesús right back, and he showed it when Jesús got hurt.

Jesús was out pruning a tree in front of his home when he slipped and fell. 

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He tumbled six feet to the concrete below and hit his head, knocking himself out cold.

When paramedics got there, they found Jesús in good care already — his loyal dog, Tony, refused to leave his side. 

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Being a very good dog, Tony laid across Jesús to keep him safe and warm.

Even as the paramedics worked, fitting Jesús with a neck brace, Tony remained sprawled across his owner, determined to comfort him. What a good boy!

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And when the paramedics loaded Jesús into the ambulance, Tony was ready to go along for the ride, too.

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Fortunately, Jesús wasn't seriously hurt in the fall, and after a short stay in the hospital, he and Tony were reunited.

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