18+ Things That Don’t Even Faze Us Anymore

In North America, it's been about a week since COVID-19 got real. The world is a strange place right now, but it's still here and we're still here. Let's have a much-needed laugh, shall we?

Winner of the 2020 Least Desired Milk Award.

Reddit | tigerz-blood

The person who posted this nearly sold-out dairy case at their local supermarket optimistically pointed out that it's a good time to be lactose intolerant.

Daily updates.

Reddit | Neb519

Now that every company you've ever shared your email address with is updating you on their COVID-19 preparedness, why not prepare a similar letter for your loved ones?

Enforced social distancing.

Reddit | Sasquatch489

This Italian man is wearing what can only be described as a wearable giant disc in an effort to comply with social distancing advice. I'm not sure the diameter is big enough, though.

Get him! He must be hauling toilet paper!

Reddit | canuckchucks

I tend to be a trusting person, but I can't help but think this message is exactly what someone with all the toilet paper would want us to think.

Earth is shut down, let's go to Catan.

Reddit | buckleupduckies

The pandemic lockdown is a great time to reacquaint yourself with your favorite board games. Since big game nights are out of the question, hopefully you like your family enough to play a few rounds with them.


Reddit | sorrysuperman

Considering people manage to die while taking selfies, I'm wondering what kind of Darwin Awards will be handed out after the whole pandemic dies down.

Three musketeers.

Reddit | oh_woah

This is actually a semi-regular sight now. Look, unless someone sneezes in close proximity to you, you're probably fine. It's not like the oxygen you're breathing outdoors is bonded to COVID-19.

Slight addendum.

Reddit | RytWing

I've always been weirded out by people who wear a "Free Hugs" shirt because I absolutely, positively do not want to be hugged by a stranger. At least this guy is enforcing social distancing.

Brackets: busted.

Reddit | Chanther

March Madness is a multi-billion dollar profit machine every year. Billions more is placed in bets. This year, for the first time since the 1930s, there won't be an NCAA men's basketball champion.

Can be repurposed as toilet paper.

Reddit | Televsion

This newspaper had a little fun with the fact that, for basically the first time ever, pro sports are canceled with no word on when they might resume.

He's got jokes.

Reddit | figgarro

By wearing the coughy filter, this potential cougher is protecting any nearby coughs from getting coughed on. Man, when you write "cough" a bunch of times, it starts to look weird.

"When the boss calls a surprise video conference mid-quarantine".

Reddit | F4L2OYD13

Like they've done many times before, these coworkers scrambled to gather for a last-minute meeting. But with everyone working from home, things take on a different feel.

We got knocked down, but we'll get up again.

Reddit | Parki2

Pro tip: if you drink too much during the quarantine, you'll wake up with a hangover. If you wake up with a hangover, you'll probably think you have the coronavirus. Not that I'd know or anything.

Erin go Bragh.

Reddit | stealthtaco2

St. Patrick's Day happened this week, though it would be understandable if you didn't notice. There might not have been sanctioned public gatherings, but it's still possible to mark the day while observing social distancing advice.

Fair enough.

Reddit | Are_You_Ok_Mate

This poor kid. When you're young, birthdays are everything. It would be a real kick in the pants to not see your friends on your big day. Yes, coronavirus, you are in fact the f-word.


Reddit | freekonner

Store closure signs are an increasingly common sight, but this one throws a fun little twist into the proceedings by totally misunderstanding what the word 'indefinitely' means.

Not only are these dads practicing social distancing, but it's also handy that they turn out to be less than 10 people.

Reddit | dgroove8

I don't know about you, but this makes me realize that Hank Hill's friends really wouldn't have to change their hangouts much in King Of The Hill.

They'd just have to say "yup," a little louder.

Some take to working from home better than others, but this person's definitely looking on the bright side of life.

Reddit | hoosiernamechecksout

And if it didn't often get so cold in my bedroom, I'd probably be running a tally of my own by now.

The uploader captioned this pic with, "My two coworkers are getting into a heated discussion..."

Reddit | candiehart615

While being able to spend more time with pets sounds good in the abstract, it always means that it can get pretty distracting whenever they get on each other's nerves.

Given what's been on a lot of people's minds while all of this is going on, this seemed like a good candidate for a COVID-19 support ribbon.

Reddit | _oliviagrace

The only problem is that people probably won't find themselves wearing it for long before they actually need to use it.

This man apparently felt he had to explain to his cat why it's been getting so much attention lately.

Reddit | IamOldKingDoran

Even without that broken line in the middle, it's pretty easy for us to see what could've sparked such a sudden petting increase between March 13 and March 16.

Then again, I suppose we aren't cats.

This person seems to be implying that they didn't really need this book until he started working from home.

Reddit | CosmoBarber

After all, the schools are also closed while all of this is going on and a lot of parents are suddenly wondering what they're going to do about the mini-stampedes every day.

While it's sad to think about why this feels necessary, it's also hard not to crack an impressed smile at what a clever solution this is.

Reddit | huskyloves

This delivery driver is obviously well aware of the risks of business as usual, so he's ensuring that contact with customers says as minimal as possible with this RC truck.

Apparently, this is what the uploader got up to on their fourth day of self-isolation.

Reddit | southbayrideshare

From the looks of it, they're going to need to discover some new hobbies because this cat's playing a lot like I did when my dad first tried to teach me Chess as a little kid.

This gift for the uploader's 21st birthday would've come off as insulting under normal circumstances, but not now.

Reddit | Element-115

Some of us were amazed when our parents found a way to get us the hottest-selling items as kids and that apparently hasn't changed as much as we might think.

Who knew that Vanilla Ice would be the one who we would turn to in this trying time?

Reddit | AliceRedd5

Probably not Vanilla Ice himself, if I had a hazard a guess on that.

I definitely have to give this person one thing: This is as clever as it is catchy.

Reddit | ByOdensBear

I guess my neighbors and I should now see it as a blessing that we never had much to do with each other.

Apparently, this person got a little social media buzz for their choice of attire when visiting Walmart.

Reddit | Sweetbadger

And as fantastic as it is that they were able to pull together such a sophisticated Medieval Plague Doctor outfit, what they're trying to buy here is the crowning touch.

The going has already gotten tough for the this mom, but she's found quite the way to adapt.

Reddit | SteezyCougar

In case it's not clear, she ran out of wine and is making this substitution instead.

I'd say I'm curious to find out how good this actually tastes, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm eventually going to find out.

But for those who do have wine, it seems that somebody has developed a suddenly relevant glass.

Reddit | Harrisser

I'm not sure how exactly this is supposed to help, but I guess it might ease people into the feeling of face masks?

These seemed like they took some doing to make, but these puffs should look pretty familiar right about now.

Reddit | Abel122012

For those of you wondering what the little virus that's causing all of this trouble actually looks like, you've at least got the shape of it now.

Not even a little touchy touchy.

Reddit | AmBull1216

In some ways, this is the moment that shut-ins and introverts have been waiting for their entire lives. Stay away from strangers and don't touch them? I already live my life that way.

Long arm of the law.

Reddit | MsJacq

If you thought that this police officer was there to guard TP from hoarders, you're sadly right. This is 2020, everyone. Let's hope the rest of the new decade is better.

Not funny.

Reddit | Capta1nzomb1e

With April Fools' Day around the corner, I wonder what kind of coronavirus-related pranks people will attempt. If we canceled St. Patrick's Day, we should definitely cancel April Fools'.

Interesting point.

Reddit | BlitzForever

This sign makes me re-assess everything. Now I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch any of the Dark Knight movies the same way again.