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Sarah Hyland Opens Up About Being At Greater Risk For Coronavirus: 'It's Really Dangerous'

The coronavirus is a pretty scary pandemic, even to those of us lucky enough to not be at high risk. For those who are older, immuno-compromised, have chronic heart problems or a myriad of other pre-existing conditions, it can be even scarier.

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland opened up about her experience.

Sarah has a condition known as kidney dysplasia, which has lead to having 16 surgeries in her life, including two kidney transplants.

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"I am obviously immunocompromised with my transplant history, and am on immunosuppressants. Everything in my house is sanitized," Sarah recently revealed while discussing the virus.

Sarah highlighted the difference between the functionality of her immune system and a normal one.

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"Say someone gets a 24-hour bug — I get it for a week or more. For me, it's really dangerous," she said.

"My panic level is pretty high," Sarah admitted.

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"But I also have a lot of health issues that are very susceptible to stress, so I'm trying to remain calm," Sarah said. "My game plan right now is to stay home."

"I think it's really an important time to practice compassion, love, generosity," Sarah added.

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"We're literally dealing with people who could die, and I just think it's really a time to come together."

It's amazing that Sarah is remaining so positive and honest in what must be an especially scary time for her!