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People Are Putting Their Christmas Lights Back On To Brighten Our Spirits During Coronavirus

We're living in some difficult times. However, like humanity always does, we'll prevail.

While we all wait for the day we can head back outdoors again, humans across the world are looking to bring a little joy and happiness to quarantine life. One adorable solution: Christmas lights!

Christmas in March is totally a thing.

So, we're all stuck inside. Some of us are bored. Some of us are already itching to see and do something new.

Enter this illuminating idea: We put our Christmas lights back up, and start spreading light and joy again.

Driving is still a safe activity.

Driving is definitely like being in a little mobile quarantine bubble — especially if you're solo.

Folks around the world are hoping for their local cheery neighborhoods to start back up again.

It's so much more than wanting to look at pretty lights, though.

This story from Lisa St. Regis is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming.

Elderly people are some of the hardest hit by the coronavirus. There's a lot of fear there. The lights truly represent something so important to have right now: hope.

The neighbor did it!

Anyone else feel like crying right now? Because wow, I am feeling some kind of way about the small acts of kindness we can do for each other. Some people are so pure of heart.

The beautiful thing about this idea? Everyone is having it at the same time.

From elderly neighbors in need of some lightness in dark times to kids who need some cheer, Christmas lights represent humanity at its best. The holiday season is full of generosity and empathy — let's do that year-round now.

Michael's mom is a genius.

How cute is it that she wanted to do it to help other people? While being quarantined can be hard, it's bringing out creativity and kindness in us. I'm so proud of all of us right now.

There is no downside to this idea.

Not only will you be spreading Christmas cheer in March, but people will think you're a visionary for doing it.

Do you see a downside? No? Okay, let's go get those lights back up.

This is a pretty handy bonus for some people.

Those people being the ones who haven't taken them down, of course. Which would not be my parents. And do not tell them I just exposed them for that, okay? That's a secret between you and I.

Honestly? This just makes the block look better.

What would you rather see: a dark street, or a street full of light and color? Uh, the latter, obviously.

Since we're in March, you could do fun colors, too. Can I get some pink lights up in here?

Let's put them back up! Let's do it!

I'm really on board with this, guys. We gotta do it. Just think: if you put them up now (or just turn them on), you don't have to take them down again until January 2021.

This really says it all.

In a very uncertain time in our world, small acts of kindness help ease the stress.

So, let's do it. Let's spread some love, light, and joy to each other. We're gonna be okay.