Kids Perform Cello Concert For Elderly Neighbor In Self-Isolation

A video of two young children performing a cello recital for their elderly neighbor who has been in self-isolation has been taking the internet by storm as thousands applaud the children for their community spirit.

During this time, the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

Unsplash | Cristian Newman

As fears of the coronavirus pandemic swell across the world, there are some who are much more vulnerable than others to this disease.

One particularly susceptible group are the elderly.

However, two siblings sought to make this period a little more enjoyable for their elderly neighbor earlier this week.

Twitter | JMBorchardt

78-year-old Helena Schlam was treated to a cello recital on her front porch during this difficult period while she has been self-isolating.

Ms. Schlam sat at the other end of the porch to the children as they performed their heartwarming pieces so that she could both keep herself safe and hear the wonderful playing.

The siblings in question are Taran and Calliope Tien.

Twitter | JMBorchardt

9-year-old Taran Tien, wearing a dapper suit, and his 6-year-old sister Calliope, dressed in a bright pink dress, had actually been playing cello for various family and friends over FaceTime during this difficult period.

The idea to do these remote recitals was put forward by their cello teacher, as a way to keep practicing while able to maintain social distancing, according to their mother Rebecca Tien, in an interview with Time magazine.

Rebecca Tien said that this was a way to make daily life a little more fun while also caring for their elderly neighbor.

YouTube | TheColumbusDispatch

Rebecca Tien has also been separated from her own mother due to coronavirus fears after her mother recently underwent surgery. Speaking again to Time, Ms. Tien explained that this was a great way for her family to connect with Ms. Schlam in this difficult time:

"I didn't want to put [my mother] at risk and I was feeling sad that I couldn't travel. So this felt like a way that I could connect to someone and help in a way that made me feel better about maybe feeling a little helpless that I couldn't go be with my mom today."

The video has since gone viral across social media platforms.

Twitter | JMBorchardt

After the video was initially uploaded to Twitter by another neighbor, one Jackie Borchardt, the video has since had around 600, 000 views! Many people have also taken to the comments to praise the young kids as such:

"It’s humanity at its best."

"From balcony singers in Italy to these gifted cellists on your neighbor's porch, my spirit is lifted by how music and community (especially in these socially distant times) remain chicken soup for the soul."

"Be proud of your two youngsters because they’ve brought happiness to many people with their kindness".

Hopefully humanity will continue to band together at this difficult time.

As more and more videos are emerging of people tying to pick up each other's spirits through these seemingly bleak times, it just goes to show that humanity is capable of being good to one another, despite what so many stories try to prove otherwise!

h/t: Time