Super Relatable Quotes From Mindy Lahiri Every Girl Can Relate To

The world is a scary time right now. This is exactly why we need a hefty dose of Mindy Lahiri.

She was on our screens for six seasons of The Mindy Project and during that time, she taught us relatable lessons in life, love, and a woman's right to chicken wings.

Here are 10+ super relatable quotes from the queen herself.

When she was the best friend ever:

Forget friendship bracelets; friendship cakes are the way to go.

And, as your friend, they're pretty much guaranteed to give you a slice #win-win.

"I'm not picky, I have standards"


The next time Aunt Kathy tries to ask why you're still single during the holidays, clapback with this little number.

Your family should be so happy that you don't just bring any Joe Schmo!

When she always had a plan B:

There's going to be times in your life where you just want to disappear: you messed up a major project, you accidentally called your professor "mom," or, worse, you farted in front of your crush...

Thankfully, Min is here for you with this foolproof plan.

"I don't weigh anything, I'm like a cloud"


This is the perfect response if a body-shamer ever comes at you.

You are a cloud, Mindy said so, and you have to believe her because she's the boss at body-confidence.

When food is your only comfort:

Here's the backstory to this:

When someone said, "You know what will cheer you up?" Mindy didn't say a hug or comfort.

No, our spirit animal said McDonald's 'cause if it can fix a hangover, what can't it fix??

"God, I'm never going to get into shape"


Ugh, so relatable.

Like Mindy, we feel the struggle of trying to lose weight but loving food too damn much.

When Mindy had her first taste of parenting struggles:

Having a baby is supposed to enrich your life, but if they're trying to keep you healthy, what good are they for??

When she made the best out of a bad situation:

You know what they say, "when life hands you lemons, become an even hotter hot mess!"

"Let's go to the DJ and see if he'll tell us the WiFi password to this place"


When a party is lame, what's a girl to do? Unless there's a dog or cat somewhere for you to pet, your next best option is scrolling on your phone.

But when the WiFi's locked, you'll be pushed to take matters into your own hands like Mindy.

When she drowned her sorrows in cookie dough:

By now, it's been pretty well established that food solves everything.

"I have the right to life, liberty, and chicken wings"


Talk about having her priorities in order!

Mindy taught us to always know what your rights are so you can bring them up in every conversation.

When you're not the best at comforting someone:

A crying person is an awkward person... you just don't know how to handle them.

When this happens, take Mindy's lead and pat them on their face. They love that.

When she channeled her inner Beyoncé:

When life gets rough, as it did for her all of the time, channel your inner warrier.

For Beyonce, that just so happens to be Beyoncé Pad Thai, while ours is Rihanna Chicken Nugget.

"Sir, you're not using enough cheese on that pizza"


When you're paying for food, you want it made right.

It's like when you stare intensely at the Subway person making your sandwich to ensure they put enough pickles.

"I don't want to go to your stupid party. But you know what, I should have been invited"

Is it so much to ask that we get invited to a party that we have no intention of going to??????!!???!

God, some people.