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Adorable Maltese Dog Loves Raising Her Hands Like She Just Don't Care

Hey, everyone! Since 2020 has decided to look back on 2018 and 2019 and be all "hold my beer", let's show 2020 that it can't bring us down by enjoying some cute animals!

Staying informed is important, but so is letting your brain rest a bit.

With that in mind...


Instagram | @cocothemaltesedog

The belly in question belongs to Coco, a three-year-old Maltese who has discovered a love of showing it off.

Plenty of dogs learn the "paws up" trick, but Coco considers this her "sit pretty."

Instagram | @cocothemaltesedog

I mean, I think this is better.

Some people wonder why her belly is shaved like that, but as someone with a shih tzu, I totally understand the need for a "sanitary cut".

Coco's humans say that once she realized how much attention and laughter the pose got her, Coco began doing it all the time.

Instagram | @cocothemaltesedog

Which got her even more of the attention she clearly relishes.

Coco and her sister Cici are registered therapy dogs and visit the Phoenix Children's Hospital weekly.

Instagram | @cocothemaltesedog

Though Cici is less of a diva, she's no less loving and cute.

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