Aerobics Instructor Teaches Class From Rooftop For People Who Are Quarantined

One aerobics instructor has been doing the rounds on Twitter after being caught on video running an aerobics class for quarantined people in Spain from on top of a rooftop!

Spain's government recently put cities on "lockdown".

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As the number of Coronavirus cases swelled by 1500 people in around 24 hours last Saturday, the Spanish people must now apparently "stay home except to buy food or drugs, go to the hospital, go to work or other emergencies," Metro reports.

However, the quarantined people are still craving exercise.

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As you can expect, people are still wanting to stretch their muscles and exercise, however, public health is paramount at present, which has left people unable to get their exercise fix.

Although, one aerobics instructor found a way to still keep people active!

Twitter | RexChapman

The video was recorded in Seville, located in southern Spain, and shows one incredibly enthusiastic aerobics instructor taking to a rooftop alone, and leading an aerobics class for all of the quarantined people to partake in from the safety of their own homes!

A pumping soundtrack is played as the locals are guided through a variety of exercises including star jumps and crunches.

Various windows in the complex can be seen to be filled by enthusiastic participants.

Twitter | RexChapman

The video was uploaded to the internet by the Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales fitness group, and the incredibly positive instructor's name is Gonzalo according to the group.

Alongside the video, the fitness group's Instagram page wrote:

"This is the spirit of Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales. Despite such adverse circumstances, we're going to get the best out of you."

This has been heralded as a wonderful example of humanity coming together in this time of crisis.

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The internet has been awash with videos of people playing the likes of tennis, battleships, and even jamming with instruments from the balcony to balcony in an attempt to pass the time and raise people's spirits during this challenging period.

In an interview with Metro, Gonzales explained:

"It was something spontaneous and sporadic because I was bored [...] I think it's an opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle and sport and that we are all united. We will get through this."

Other people have taken to social media to share the wonderful video.

Hopefully, Gonzales' wonderful idea managed to raise some people's spirits during this dark time.

Although, it has also made me realise, that if people out there are managing to get their aerobic exercise done during a pandemic, then I have absolute no excuse not to head the gym once this terrible time has passed!

h/t: Metro