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Chrissy Teigen Defends 'Tone Deaf' Tweet Amid Coronavirus Crisis: 'You Really Want Me To Be Horrible'

Tensions are kind of high right now, if you haven't noticed. With most people in self-isolation to avoid the spread of COVID-19, there's not much to do but check social media, and these high tensions might lead to people being a bit more sensitive to what they're reading than usual.

Chrissy Teigen found that out when she shared a pretty benign tweet about ordering soup.

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“This is not an ad but if you’re holed up at home, ordering America’s best food from Goldbelly is the way to go right now," Chrissy said in a now-deleted tweet. "Currently shipping clam chowder from Boston to myself."

This was apparently not a good move, with some people calling out Chrissy for tweeting about ordering soup while there's people in the world without the resources to do so.

"It's not about the soup. Never was. It's about people being scared about not having enough resources, who can't do what you do... isolated people using social media to connect, and if they see something like that, and then feel worse, because they can't," explained Mammoths Unearthed host Trevor Valle in his response.

Valle suggested that instead, Chrissy should be helping small businesses in ways that don't require staff to be present.

"I know you're not bad. You're actually incredibly generous and kind, and I appreciate what you do for people. Once again, this was a one-tweet thing, momentarily out of touch," Valle wrote.

Chrissy defended herself, saying that Valle and others criticizing her were reading too much into her tweet.

Chrissy added that "supporting places that need it" was better than not doing anything, and also noted that the reaction to her original tweet was not in good faith. "It's not deeper than that. You really want me to be horrible."

Chrissy admitted that tweet was "perhaps tone deaf, but I like soup."

What do you think? Was Chrissy being insensitive in these difficult times, or were the people who got upset overreacting? Let us know in the comments!