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Amazon Suspends Warehouse Shipping On All Non-Essential Items

Concerns over slowing the spread of COVID-19 have left many of us living in ways we've never experienced before.

Those who live in areas prone to natural disasters have long grown accustomed to preparing for a long wait before an uncertain all-clear, and those who lived through World War II can recall what it feels like to ration supplies, but there are just as many people to whom this all feels new.

Of course, the circumstances of the social distancing initiatives we find ourselves in now differ greatly from the rationing of yesteryear.

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But that's because the technology we enjoy today has filled in a lot of the gaps that once seemed all too apparent.

And now, it seems that the systems made possible through this technology are focusing all efforts on ensuring we can make it through this situation together.

Amazon has just announced that they are suspending all non-essential shipments to their warehouses.

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As The Independent reported, this means that most individual sellers won't find their products shipped to Amazon's warehouses until April 5.

This is happening so Amazon can prioritize the shipment of household staples and other products needed during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Although representatives from Amazon haven't provided an exhaustive list of what products will be prioritized, it's clear that it includes medical supplies.

Essential food products could be another candidate, as cleaning products have been confirmed to be.

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Given the panic buying-induced toilet paper shortages we're now seeing, we hope that this will be another "high-demand" product that Amazon is hoping to move quickly.

This move comes in response to a reported increase in global shopping.

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As an Amazon representative told The Independent, "We understand this is a change for our selling partners and appreciate their understanding as we temporarily prioritise these products for customers".

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