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Dr. Oz Urges Quarantined Couples To Get Physical: 'There's No Harm In Having Sex'

Look, social distancing can get real boring real fast (NOTE: it's mandatory and it must be done) but there's no denying that the non-stop face time can cause a lot of friction amongst quarantined couples!!

AND SO, who can we turn to to in these trying times?!!


While speaking with "TMZ" Dr.Oz said there's "no harm" in couples who are quarantined together getting a little ~FRISKY~ in the upcoming weeks.

"The best solution if you're held up in quarantine with your significant other is to have sex," he stated.

"You'll live longer, get rid of the tension, you'll get some stories. Maybe you'll make some babies," he continued.

"It's certainly better than staring at each other and getting on each other's nerves."

He said that there's "no harm in having sex" if you and your partner are both in quarantine anyway!

Instagram | @dr_oz

Take from this lil' info tidbit what you will!!!!!!!

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