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Guinness Floats Take St. Paddy's Day Drinking Up A Notch

Floats are highly underrated drinks. You know what a float is, right? It's basically a dessert drink that features a few scoops of ice cream and usually some type of soda poured over top, like root beer. It sounds like it could be gross, but they're actually so good.

What if I told you you can also make them with alcoholic bevvies? Does that change your mind?

Even Guinness beer can be poured over ice cream for an indulgent treat.

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If you think about it, they couldn't work together more perfectly.

Guinness is actually a flavorful combo of malt, coffee, chocolate, and the right amount of hoppy bitterness.

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It's basically already dessert in a can, and adding ice cream to it just takes the experience up a few notches.

You can add any ice cream flavor to it, but an Irish cream-flavored ice cream couldn't be more perfect.

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It's like a little Irish dance two-hand!

Chocolate ice cream would also be divine, considering the drink already has notes of chocolate.

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All I know is if you weren't already keeping Guinness stocked in your fridge, you might want to now.

What sorts of ice cream would you put in your Guinness float? Let us know!