9+ Organizing Products That Don't Sacrifice Style For Storage

I'm such an organization freak. I mean, I love to keep myself working efficiently in any capacity I can. But sometimes organization products may not exactly scream "chic".

Well, I'm here to tell you that I've found a few products that not only give you great function, but they look amazing, too. Check out these items and tell me what you think. I'm curious if you think they're awesome, too.

1. This Over-The-Door Hanger


You don't have to sacrifice style over function when you opt for this minimalistic yet chic looking over-the-door hanger. Now your stuff will hang with style.

2. This Business Card Rack


If you're like me, you probably have business cards lying all over the place. Yes, I'm guilty of this. Doesn't this look so much better?

3. This Bookend

Uncommon Goods

You can find a way to show off your favorite books without just having them lay on the coffee table. This bookend is both functional and cool.

4. This Ottoman


Not only does this ottoman comes with extra storage, but it's also very useful as you can sit on it, too. And it looks not too shabby as well.

5. This Entryway Organizer Shelf


If you're always running out of the house forgetting your keys or even your wallet, you absolutely need this. I love the wood finish.

6. This Woven Wine Tote With Glasses

Uncommon Goods

Imagine if you pulled this out at your next wine party? I think your guests would be really impressed. Style and function indeed.

7. This Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder


Well, well, talk about chic here. I know toilet paper isn't exactly sexy, but I think this holder is. Hee, hee.

8. This Docking Station


Why have just a boring docking station when you can organize all your gadgets like this? As a bonus, this one can also be personalized. Nice!

9. This Desktop Planter


You know how much I love to marry style and function, so I was thrilled when I found this. This planter is also a pen holder.

10. This Antler Stand


Never look for your keys again when you keep them on this cool-looking antler stand. I'm sure you can hang your jewelry on here, too.

11. This Umbrella Holder


I gotta say, I'm so impressed with the modern design of this umbrella holder. I would love to get one for my house. What about you?

12. This Hair Care Holder

Uncommon Goods

Oh wow, I can't say I've ever seen a holder for all your hair care gadgets like this before. This is so stylish and cool.

13. This Fire Escape Shelf

Uncommon Goods

If you feel nostalgic about your last visit to New York, why not get yourself this amazing fire escape shelf? Isn't this so unique?

How cool is it that you can totally organize your space in the most functional way without sacrificing style?

I'm totally digging most of these and I need them ASAP.