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Easter Swedish Fish-Flavored Jelly Beans Are Back To Absolutely Devour

No disrespect to jelly beans, but they're not the most exciting treat on the face of the planet. Jelly Belly sort of made them a little exciting, keeping the allure of flavors alive and well.

While you can give jelly beans all year long, Easter is really when they have their time to shine.

Swedish Fish are making an outstanding appearance this Easter to make jelly beans exciting again.

Instagram | @munchiebunchie

You can't hate that sweet berry flavor of heaven, and in jelly bean form, it makes the candy so much easier to devour.

Instagrammer @munchiebunchie got to try them last year, and while they said the jelly beans didn't taste too similar to the Swedish Fish we all know and them, they were still delicious and even gave the candy an 8/10 rating.

Instagram | @munchiebunchie

"Basically a cherry jelly bean and that's all," they wrote.

"They have a nice fruity kick and a normal jelly bean texture."

Look out for these at your local grocery stores and drugstores.

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Instagrammer @rez_masters found them at Target not long ago, and they're two for $5!