14+ Pics Showing We Are Living In Some Wild Times

We're in full pandemic mode at this point. COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has prompted measures most of us haven't seen in our lifetimes. While we're at home in self-isolation, let's take a look at the wider world.

Bless you.

Reddit | abidlone1111

People who work in medical fields are unsung heroes 24/7, 365. But as the coronavirus continues to spread, these brave doctors are selflessly working around the clock in an effort to keep their fellow humans safe.

Cute, but please don't.

Reddit | v-23

Because Israel is banning large gatherings outside of grocery stores, this couple decided to get married in a grocery store. Please, just delay your wedding. Don't bring groups of people together unnecessarily.

Cleaned out.

Reddit | wssin156

I've seen grocery shelves like this, and I'm hardly the only one. It's important to keep our nerves during this difficult time. Empty shelves now don't mean empty shelves forever.

Good Samaritan.

Reddit | PhilCore666

Hoarders are making the news, but not everyone is trying to sell TP at a thousand-percent markup. Scenes like this, with supplies being freely given out, should somewhat restore your faith in humanity.

Desperate measures.

Reddit | mummifiedllama

In Amsterdam, where marijuana is legal (and has been for decades now), shops are closing their doors for awhile. That means huge lineups outside pot shops as people stock up.

They're not wrong.

Reddit | WhyteCrayon

This is a portrait of a brief moment in time — the period when everyone was freaked out, but bars and restaurants weren't shut down.

Seeing a lot of this.

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It must be stressful for store management at this time. No one should have to put their TP stock under lock and key, but things are crazy enough that we're nearing that point.


Reddit | cdicdd2018

Because the coronavirus has a lengthy halflife and can remain active on a surface for many hours, it's necessary for some busy urban centers to spray down the streets.


Reddit | AgentOJ21

This elderly gentlemen went to the store with his shopping list, only to find that there was virtually nothing left. People like him are affected most by the pandemic.

More hope.

Reddit | MINOSHI__

India is sending doctors, and complete modular labs, to Iran to help fight the coronavirus. If you're feeling despondent, just think of how many people are working around the clock to slow this thing down.

A moment in time.

Reddit | IsDinosaur

This person was pouring concrete before laying down a new floor, and thought that this moment in history needed to be commemorated in some small way.

Social distancing.

Reddit | WillOfTheLand

The man in the easy chair is in a nursing home that's on full lockdown. To keep him company, his son comes by every day to hang out and talk on the phone.

Get rich quick.

Reddit | AlwaysTheNoob

This guy looks pretty sad to be standing in front of a garage packed to the brim with cleaning supplies. Maybe he's having trouble re-selling them.

Get in, get out.

Reddit | buttertogether

Starbucks bills itself as a "third place", one that isn't work or home, where customers can go and spend some time. That branding didn't take any future pandemics into consideration.

March Sadness.

Reddit | Khadejeh

This reporter covered her first-ever ACC men's basketball tournament, which was played in empty arenas. Of course, the tournament after this — March Madness — has since been canceled outright.

Fair warning.

Reddit | RigbyAtNight

We haven't seen plague doctors much since, oh, the 1300s or so. But given recent events, I'm inclined to heed the advice on this plague doc's sign.

On to the next one.

Reddit | Abdoa00

These doctors have been through hell and back fighting the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Now, they're onto the next battleground, Italy, to assist doctors there.


Reddit | eddypc07

Establishments that are still open are doing their best to enforce social distancing through measures like this: closing down every second table to keep people from getting too close.

Drastic measures.

Reddit | kitoken

The coronavirus can live on metal surfaces for hours, so stuff like elevator buttons are a nasty breeding ground. This building is providing toothpicks so people don't have to physically touch the button.

CVS receipts finally pay off.

Reddit | phatposer

It's scary out there, and this list has some ominous images in it, so here's a little levity: CVS receipts repurposed as toilet paper.

Stay safe, everybody! Let us know how your hunkering down is going in the comments section.