Spend With Pennies

Mix Pickle Juice And Mayonnaise For A Spread Of Heavenly Proportions

People love pickles, but they don't necessarily give that same love to the juice that gives it life.

If drinking pickle juice just seems a little bit too wrong for you, don't throw out that liquid gold just yet—there's actually so much you can do with it.

One of those amazing things you may have never thought about is mixing mayonnaise with pickle juice.

Spend With Pennies

You see garlic mayo and sriracha mayo out there living it up, but how have we not seen bottles and jars of pickle juice mayo?

Thankfully food bloggers AKA innovators out there like Spend with Pennies got us covered.

Holly made pickle juice tartar sauce, which would go swimmingly with fish and other foods made for dipping.

Blogger Too Many Hobbies Guy took some time from his other hobbies to create a mean dill pickle sauce for sandwiches.

Too Many Hobbies Guy

"Dill pickle mayo is savory spreadable heaven for your next sandwich," he writes, and he's most definitely not wrong.

Family bloggers over at Northern Nester created a game-changing pickle juice ranch dressing.

Northern Nester

Your salad, chicken tendies, buffalo wings, and carrots are not ready.

Find the delectable recipe here.

What other ways would you use pickle juice?

Let us know!