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People Are Crocheting Oddly Adorable Coronavirus Plushies To Fight Boredom At Home

One of the best ways to stop the spread of viruses is to practice social distancing and to simply stay home when you're sick.

There's only so much Netflix and Disney+ you can watch before you start feeling antsy. Needlework is a great activity to chill, relax, and stay occupied and entertained.

Naturally, artists are crocheting their own COVID-19 plushies, and they're oddly cute.

Reddit | abeyjane

We really shouldn't think they're cute, but they are.

This little one is also hoarding its own roll of toilet paper.

People are actually crocheting them for educational purposes, as well.

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"I crocheted a coronavirus for my infectious diseases class!," Redditor lavenderstudies wrote.

People appreciate the wholesome sense of humour in what can be a terrifying time. "You have a great sense of humor and I think that’s needed when the world is living in fear of something like that," a Redditor replied.

This Redditor made a free-hand COVID-19 keychain of sorts.

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"It could be the 2020 [C]hristmas ornament - and this is the year we all lived in fear of this cute little blob," one person commented.

Some people are even selling their own.

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However, Etsy is cracking down on sales of COVID-19-related goods, despite sellers like PurpleLilacAmigurumi selling them for educational purposes.

How will you be occupying yourself during this time?

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