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Heidi Klum Kisses Husband Through Glass While Awaiting Coronavirus Test Results

One of the most important things you can do during the current Coronavirus pandemic is keep your distance from other people, even when it's tough to do so. Social distancing (aka avoiding large gatherings/group events) and self-isolating is the most effective way to make sure any potential viruses don't spread.

Heidi Klum is taking that very seriously.

Heidi has been absent from her judging position on 'America's Got Talent,' and while it was initially reported that she had food poisoning, she later revealed she was concerned she might have contracted Coronavirus.

Instagram | @heidiklum

Now, in a post on Instagram, Heidi has shared one of the toughest parts of this — not being able to spend time with her husband, musician Tom Kaulitz.

"Like many of you, I also have been sick all week and, unfortunately, my husband who returned from his tour a couple of days ago is also feeling ill," she wrote.

"To be safe, we are staying apart until we get the results of our Coronavirus tests (that we were finally able to get today) back."

Instagram | @heidiklum

"We don’t want to spread germs and risk others getting sicker... even each other! As much as I want to embrace him and kiss him, it is more important to do the right thing and not spread further," she wrote, alongside a video of herself and Kaulitz sharing a brief kiss through a glass window.

"These are strange times... but in these moments, you remember what’s really important- the people you love and keeping them safe."

Instagram | @heidiklum

"Social distancing is what we all need to do right now to be responsible citizens of the world. We are all in this together and it is up to us to protect our loved ones, and our neighbors and our communities," she wrote.

"Please listen to the officials and stay at home if you can and physically distance yourself from other people… especially if you are not feeling well."

Instagram | @heidiklum

"I see all the beautiful things people are doing for each other all over the globe and that gives me hope! Sending all of you love and positivity and healing vibes… together we can get through this."

"We need to be proactive so that we can all have a bright and healthy future."

You can watch Heidi's video here.

It's awesome to see a celebrity do so much to promote the safest actions to take for public health!