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Hugh Jackman Apologizes Following Backlash For Hand-Washing Video: 'I Wasn't Thinking'

I'm not sure which of us out there have needed help and multiple instructional videos on how to properly wash our hands, but I appreciate all the celebrities out there who are doing their best to make sure those needs are met, including Hugh Jackman.

Unfortunately, Hugh's video caused a bit of controversy he didn't plan for.

Celebrities have been making various hand-washing instructional videos to provide a bit of levity during this time.

Including Gloria Gaynor, who put on a pretty show-stopping lip sync performance of her hit song "I Will Survive," which is a message we all really need right now.

Brandon Flowers of The Killers put a hygienic spin on their hit "Mr. Brightside."

I think I might be singing "Mr. Brightside" while I wash my hands for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, not every video has gone over well, as Hugh Jackman has learned.

It all started when Hugh shared this video of himself showcasing proper hand-washing technique.

In a video that he has since deleted from his Instagram, Hugh shared a video of himself washing his hands to "Say So" by Doja Cat, showing how long to wash your hands and the right ways to do so.

Unfortunately, fans noticed something unfortunate.

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In the comments of the now-deleted video, many fans pointed out that Hugh was wasting water by letting the tap run the entire video. Hugh acknowledged this, changing the caption of the video to read, "I wasn't thinking," and that he would be more cautious about water-conservation in the future.

Hugh then deleted the video and uploaded a new and improved version.

"Take 2. You’re ALL absolutely right. Turn off the tap whilst washing your hands," he shared in the updated version of the video.

"Smart, healthy practices for yourself .. and the planet. #washyourhands #savewater #world #healthylifestyle," he wrote.

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This new version seemed to go over well with fans with one writing "I think you might be one of the nicest guy on earth!!! Keep it up brother and keep spreading your kindness!"

Fans showed their appreciation for Hugh's awareness efforts.

Some were happy enough with his first take, writing, "your grin and dancing was worth a little extra water!"

Other people defended his continuous running water.

"Saving water is great, but after washing your hands always use a paper towel to turn on/shut off the tap to avoid recontamination," another fan noted.

What do you think?

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Were fans right to point out Hugh's wastefulness, or were people overreacting? Let us know in the comments!