5+ Details About Sheldon And Leonard's Apartment Fans Didn't Notice

Ahhh yes, The Big Bang Theory. It's one of the greatest comedies of all time, and we've talked about it maybe a couple of times on this very website.

Hidden details, the worst things Sheldon has done, stuff like that. But today, we take a deep dive into Leonard and Sheldon's apartment.

Neat, huh?

1. The glow in the dark arrows


There is a time in the series where Leonard starts to hang out more with Penny, and Sheldon decides to let Raj stay in the apartment for a while.

While he's showing Raj around, he shows him the glow in the dark arrows that point to the emergency exit.


Very weird, very Sheldon.

However, in later seasons, the arrows are gone. If you're wondering where they went, Sheldon says in "The Friendship Contraction" that he got rid of them because they were carcinogenic.

2. Shouting out Carol Ann Susi

Big Bang Theory WIki

In 2014, Carol Ann Susi, unfortunately, passed away. On the show, they also made sure her character (Howard's mom) passed away.

To honor her, they keep a picture of her on the fridge.

3. Apartments in the main lobby


Obviously, there are other people in Sheldon and Leonard's building, but we only count two over the course of the show that are consistently shown in the lobby.

4. The different floors


In case you hadn't noticed, every floor in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment building is set up the same way.

The only thing that changes are the numbers on the door.

5. The textbooks


Being incredibly intelligent, Sheldon and Leonard have a bunch of books in their apartment.

Fun fact: one of the textbooks that adorn their bookshelves belonged to real-life neuroscientist and cast member Mayim Bialik!

6. The apartment number


We know that Sheldon and Leonard's apartment number is 4A. It may seem like nothing until you realize all the things that 4A could mean.

It could be an homage to "foray"...

Which, by definition means: "a sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, especially to obtain something; a raid".


Or it could be an homage to the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel, June Foray.

Either of these seem plausible.

7. The address

2311 North Los Robles Avenue in Pasadena, California is the address of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment.

But here's the thing people: when you look that exact address up on Google Maps, you see it's in the middle of an intersection.

It's a vacant lot in between Los Robles Ave. and East Woodbury Rd, to be exact.

YouTube | Keyops5

So if you ever want to tour the building, you won't be able (but hopefully you realized it was a set).

8. The address also changes


During Bernadette and Howard's wedding (which was on the rooftop of Sheldon and Howard's building) we see that the address is 215 South Madison Avenue.

Which is a 10-minute drive from the original address.

9. The doorbell


Everyone's always knocking on The Big Bang Theory, but has no one noticed that they all have doorbells? Is this just a thing they do to appease Sheldon?

Who the heck knows.

10. The Apartment Flag


In times of distress, Sheldon explains that the apartment flag will be turned upside down.

If you watch closely, whenever the two are in distress, the flag is upside down (or at half-mast).

11. BONUS: The sign in the laundry room


Technically not in their apartment, but in the building, so I'll allow it.

In the laundry room in the basement, there's a sign that says "Please keep your clothes on while doing laundry".