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Rescue Dog Finally Finds Furever Home After Spending 7 Years In Shelter

A Missouri shelter dog who has spent the last seven years of her life cooped inside a kennel is finally going to be going to her furever home, thanks to the power of the internet.

Ginger, a 9-year-old Labrador retriever mix, has been living at the Dogwood Animal Shelter in Lake of the Ozarks since she was surrendered at the age of two. Now, after years of being overlooked, she's finally found a family ready and willing to welcome her into her hearts.

When Ginger first arrived at the no-kill shelter, staff say she had a number of issues that prevented her from finding a home.

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"Like most rescue dogs, Ginger came in to Dogwood with her own set of medical, emotional and behavioral issues which made her unadoptable for a long time," the shelter explained in a Facebook post. "Dogwood’s staff and volunteers have diligently worked to address those issues and to locate a suitable home for her."

Although they stressed Ginger is "adoptable", they added that she would need to go to a home with no other animals or small children.

The shelter recently shared a photo of Ginger, along with a note explaining that she's been there for seven years.

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"I'm a good girl, I promise," the note reads. "I just need a 2nd chance."

Word quickly spread about Ginger and her seven-year stay at the shelter. Soon other social media accounts began posting about her, including Mission Driven, a clothing brand that brings awareness to shelter dogs.

Even Ellen DeGeneres' Instagram account dedicated to publicizing adoptable dogs, Paws Up, posted about Ginger.

In the end, viral fame proved to be exactly what Ginger needed, because in no time at all adoption applications began pouring in.

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After sifting through all 30 or so applicants, ranging from New York to Canada to Texas, shelter staff finally found Ginger the perfect new owner.

"Ginger has gone home," they announced in a Facebook post. "Her adopter has no children and no pets, has a fenced in yard and experience with dogs with dispositions similar to Ginger’s!"

"We’re very grateful to those who cheered us on and kept the faith that Ginger would finally have the loving, comfy home she deserves!"

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